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Doing Another Colon Cleanse? Discover the Missing Elements

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Author: Ania Sagajllo

If you are about to purchase a colon cleansing product - don't - until you have understood more about what's really required in order to undertake an effective colon cleanse. In searching for the best natural products available, many colon cleansers are missing two vital elements.

Most colon cleansing products have basic ingredients in common, such as herbs to tone and condition the colon. They also tend to contain mild laxatives to purge built up matter and finally they often contain a bulking agent to strengthen the peristaltic action of the colon which helps move out any stuck undigested food. If the two missing elements of a parasite cleanser and probiotics are excluded then an ineffective colon cleanse takes place.

Parasite Cleansing

The first item that is often not addressed in most colon cleansing products is parasite cleansing. There are over 120 types of parasites that can inhabit the human body, and most people harbour at least a dozen at any one time. Thus parasite removal is important as these can prevent an effective colon cleanse from taking place. The waste created by parasites and their eggs can also be the cause of various problems such as Crohns Disease, IBS, Colitis and other illnesses. According to Dr Hulder Clark, in her book "The Cure For All Cancers" published in 1993, parasites can also contribute to the formation of cancer. Parasites live in a digestive system that is full of rotting waste matter much like rats living in a rubbish tip; this contains all the food they need to thrive. Unless the parasites and their eggs are removed using specific herbs, the complete cleansing effect of a colon cleanse is rarely achieved. Using a herbal parasite cleanser is the safest way of removing parasites compared to using chemicals, as the chemicals can cause side effects.


The other item that is required for an effective colon cleanse is probiotics. During a colon cleanse the herbs and bulking agents remove most of the old matter in the gut. Probiotics are necessary to replenish the healthy flora in the intestinal tract that is often disturbed as part of doing a colon cleanse. It's this friendly flora that aids the digestion process as the food passes through the digestive tract. If the colon is cleaned out of the built up faecal matter and other such waste, it needs help to replenish the bacterial flora with probiotics as the body cannot make its own supply. Hence the importance of adding back the friendly bacteria that keeps the colon in a healthy balanced condition.

Elements of success

Thus when choosing a natural herbal colon cleanser, pick a product that includes the parasite cleanser for removal of parasites and their eggs, and probiotics to replenish the friendly bacteria so that food can be properly digested once the colon is clean, otherwise the colon cleanse will not be as effective and the lack of probiotics could cause digestive problems in the future.

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