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Author: Steven A Johnson

Hundred of thousands of people suffer from a condition know as restless legs syndrome or RLS. RLS is a classified as a neurological disorder, and typically the individuals affected complain of unpleasant feelings in the legs which can cause a strong urge to move the legs when resting. People report that the moving of the legs when resting helps to relieve the uncomfortable sensations. People affected with RLS described the uncomfortable sensations as burning, creeping, tugging, or similar to insects crawling inside the legs. The sensations may range from uncomfortable to irritating to extreme pain.

One of the most unique or curious characteristics of RLS is that the symptoms become active when lying down and trying to relax. Because of this many people find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. If the affected person does not seek treatment, they may experience exhaustion and fatigue during the daytime from this condition. It is reported that individuals with RLS find that their personal relationships and normal activities of daily life are extremely affected due to their exhaustion from being unable to achieve a restful night sleep. They also found that they are unable to concentrate, experienced trouble with their memory, or problems with accomplishing daily tasks.

Some study's estimate that restless leg syndrome may affect as many as 12 million people in America. Conversely, other study's have estimated that a much higher occurrence has been found, mostly due to RLS being under-diagnosed and, in various cases misdiagnosed. Some people with RLS may choose to not seek attention for their condition; they believe that they may not be taken seriously, that the symptoms they are experiencing are too mild, or that they may not be treatable. In some cases physicians have wrongly attributed the symptoms to nervousness, insomnia, stress, muscle cramps, or aging.

RLS is found to occur in both females and males, although reports have shown that woman seem to be more affected by the condition. Although RLS can start at any age (in some extreme cases as early as infancy) the patients who are most affected with the strongest symptoms are middle-aged people or older. Most medical practitioners have found that the severity of the condition seems to get worse with age. Patients that are older report experiencing symptoms more often and for longer durations of time.

A link has been made between individuals with low iron levels (called anemia) and the development of RLS. Doctors have found that once the low iron levels are corrected, patients may experience a decline in their symptoms. Kidney failure, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and peripheral neuropathy are chronic diseases that appear to be connected with RLS. By treating the underlying condition, individuals often find relief from the symptoms of RLS.

In some cases pregnant women have reported experiencing symptoms of RLS, usually always in the last few months of their pregnancy. Most women find that the symptoms usually subside roughly a month after delivery. Certain medications-such as anti-nausea, anti-seizure drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, and some allergy and cold medications have caused increased symptoms. If this occurs patients are encouraged to talk with their health care provider about changing medications.

One all natural product designed to help alleviate the uncomfortable sensations caused by RLS is Restulex.†This product is intended to support the health of your leg muscles with natural nutrition along with the healing power of water.†Don't loose another night of sleep to RLS, find relief and tranquility today, so you can take back your evenings!

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