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Eat Lean, Eat Clean, Eat Often: How to Lose Weight by Changing Your Metabolism

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Author: Jim Robertson

With some things in life, the tradeoff between quantity and quality is acceptable. You can go to a buffet or you can choose fine dining, that's your call. You can have a few beers or you can sip some fine wine, also your call. There's a time and a place for both. You can race to the next best thing or you can slow down and smell the roses. Life is full of such choices, and there are usually consequences no matter which way you turn. But when it comes to making a change in the way you manage your weight, with a goal toward getting off the diet merry-go-round and finally getting a handle on keeping the weight off forever, there is no choice and there is no middle ground. Because in this game the lines between quantity and quality are blurred, and without both you'll find yourself back at Jenny Craig in no time.

You probably already know that diets don't work. You've tried dozens of them, and while you've probably lost a few pounds each time out, all the weight came back sooner or later. Maybe you've accompanied your diet with some exercise, maybe not. But deep inside you already know what went wrong, and what needs to happen to finally end this frustrating, downward spiral. You don't need a diet, you need a lifestyle change. Moreover, you need a metabolism change. Because life is too short to munch on dry white turkey breast and broccoli for the rest of your days with no gravy or cranberry sauce, and a new metabolism, a faster metabolism, is the only option if your goal is to burn more fat, more efficient, more often, so that the weight never returns. And, with a little gravy now and then, too.

It can happen. But it requires a committed effort that involves both diet and exercise. Because metabolism is all about how your body utilizes the calories you take in, and whether there are any left over after your body has used what it needs for energy. If your body uses all the calories you put into it, none will end up as fat. If it uses more than you put in, your body will deplete fat stores for the energy it needs and you'll shed pounds. If you give the body too little nutrition, it will actually feed on its own lean muscle mass for protein energy, which is not only counter to healthy weight loss, it takes you in the exact opposite direction of your ultimate goal. It's all about balance and calibration.

That goal is to turn your body into a fat-burning machine by speeding up your metabolism. And that happens when you ask your body to remain active, even when you aren't doing much. This happens in two primary ways - you can increase your percentage of lean body mass - muscle tissue, which consumes more calories than fatty tissue - through resistance training, and you can eat differently. If you eat five to six smaller high quality meals per day, your body will never sense a calorie deficit that causes it to hoard its fat stores in fear of starvation, and it will keep your digestive system active and your bio-chemistry optimized for calorie processing, even when you are at rest. The result will be a faster metabolism, and soon, a leaner you.

The choice is yours - quantity or quality. When it comes to your life, you want both. And you can have it by choosing to speed up your metabolism through a shift in your eating and exercise habits. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle, and you can choose it right now.

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