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Eco Friendly Living And Personal Health

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Author: David Kraft

Health is a big concern today - both for individuals and our planet. Childhood obesity rates continue to climb as do concerns about global warming and the long-term health of the world we live in. The good news is that you can kill two birds with one stone by taking the right green living steps.

Everywhere you look, people are pushing green living and companies are using it as a marketing campaign. What many families don't realize is that taking "green" steps in everyday life can help improve your personal health along with the planet's health. Here's how:

First, eating green avoids fast food. Fast food is less than ideal for the environment for a few reasons. Fast food meals create a lot of garbage - bags, wrappers, extra napkins that don't get used, etc. Also, think about the foods you eat when you get fast food. Fast food consumption consists of a lot of beef in the form of burgers, tacos, and so on. The more beef we consume, the more cows we need. More cattle means more land to raise them and more methane gas in the atmosphere. Reducing your consumption of fast food will mean you contribute less to methane gas emissions and overuse of land. You'll also avoid the unhealthy aspects of eating fast food, which I'm sure we're all well aware of.

Second, eating green involves eating organic foods. Organic foods are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that pollute our soil, water, and air. Organic foods are also more nutritious, meaning you don't need to eat as much. Less consumption of food in general results in less demand and land use, which helps preserve the planet. Eating organic foods also means that you'll be eating foods that are more nutrient rich, contributing to your overall well being.

Third, green living means reducing your carbon footprint and emissions from driving. Walking and biking when possible are good for the environment and are great ways to exercise and burn calories, which can lead to weight loss.

Finally, green living means reducing your energy consumption. This translates to less time watching TV, using your computer, playing video games, and so on. The health benefits come in to play when you replace these "inactivites" with active ones. Simply replacing 30 minutes of TV time every day with 30 minutes of exercise can have a huge impact on your personal health and will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions in the form of less energy consumption. You'll also see your electricity bills go down as an added benefit. It's a win/win/win!

I hope you find these suggestions beneficial and inspire you and your family to jump on the green bandwagon and gain some health benefits to boot. If your children struggle with weight issues, the above suggestions can prove to be a great solution that teaches them to respect our planet at the same time. If you're more concerned with the health of your children more than the environment, consider sending them to a weight loss camp to get the process started. Then, when they return, get them involved in these suggestions.
these suggestions.

David Kraft is a freelance author with many areas of specialization. He promotes healthy living for today's youth and provides information about http://www.newimagecamp.com/teen-weight-loss.html teen weight loss camps. You can learn more at his weight loss summer camps site.


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