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Effective Portable Whole-Body Vibration Testimonials
British Ski Team use Flexi-Bar "We have recently started including the Flexi-Bar into our traini...


Effective Portable Whole-Body Vibration Testimonials

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Author: Phillip Skinner




Vibration With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week


Really good actually since I got my flexi-bar!

Hi Steve,

I'm fine thanks. Really good actually since I got my flexi-bar!

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and have always found it difficult to do exercises and find the motivation. I also get lots of muscle pain and my muscles are quite weak.

But the flexi-bar has given me so much motivation to exercise and my muscles already feel a little better and looser after 2 days! I love the fact that the exercises work on the core inner muscles too.

-W.I. Waheeda

Doncaster Rowing Club use Flexi-Bar for training

Just thought I would drop a line regarding the successful introduction of Flexi-Bar to our training....

The junior side of the rowing club at Doncaster is based on an association of schools. Rowing was introduced into the town schools via the A.R.A. Project Oarsome some years ago. Going into this years winter programme we had lost the support of a Community Coach who had spent some time with the juniors over the previous year. There was a core of 4 junior members 15-16 year old category who had potential for serious development. Within this group were two members who had attended GB Junior "Observation" Camps, where potential GB members are noted for future monitoring.

I took on the task of assisting in the coaching of the Junior Competition Squad, specialising in setting up technical training. An area of debate was the omission of any weight training in their programme. There was a view from the two who had been involved with the GB camps that they would be "missing out" because of lack of weight training. We were using body weight training and wanted to introduce the use of Flexi-Bar to develop core stability, so important with rowing. In the past, core stability was developed using a mixture of floor exercises and use of stability balls, sometimes with added weights. This was impractical in our case as we have to use the boathouse "shed" for our training. I also believe that the use of weights has great potential risks when associated with young adolescents who are rapidly growing, as their joints will have not completed their development.

The Flexi-Bar appears to provide the mechanism to more rapidly develop the core muscles, without the added strains induced by previous training methods. We had no prior experience of this equipment from within the Rowing world and no-one seemed to have any knowledge of its existence! So, whilst I, who had attended a Flexi-Bar workshop, and had started to use one with personal benefit, it was still a step into the unknown. After consultation with my coach (I compete on the veteran circuit) and mentor, we agreed on the introduction of Flexi-Bar to the Junior Competition Squad.

Although after a few weeks I had seen an amazing improvement in the posture of the squad, and the maintenance of their posture, there were still doubts from within the team as to the effectiveness of Flexi-Bar versus weight training when applied to sculling. From within the squad came an immediate rebuttal to these doubts. Members who had previously been very weak at crunches and holding form in press ups, felt that it was due to the Flexi-Bar that they could more easily perform the tasks required. Also, I was not having to constantly remind those members of the squad using Flexi-Bar to "sit up!" Interestingly, we had expanded the squad to include year younger members who were not taking part in Flexi-Bar training. These members were not able to hold their form to the same degree!

Proof of our success was to occur when the Doncaster Squad took VICTOR LUDORUM at the Loughborough Head of the Soar, with wins coming from individuals as well as operating as a crew. And again, shortly after, when the 4 members of the squad rowing as a quad won their event at Newark against a higher level of competition!

The use of Flexi-Bar is being rolled out to more of the younger squad. Enthusiasm for what it can do resulted in both members who originally queried the effectiveness of the Flexi-Bar, plus two other younger members, buying bars of their very own!! I must emphasise that all are properly coached and monitored, how, and when, in the use of the equipment as part of their training. As a company, your help in this has been greatly appreciated!

We look forward to more success as a squad training with Flexi-Bar over the coming months and would urge any coach who may be interested in adding a new dimension to their training to contact Flexi-Bar UK and not only benefit members of their team from a fabulous new training tool but also the fantastic technical knowledge and customer support that your company provides!
-Rodney Minchin

British Ski Team use Flexi-Bar

"We have recently started including the Flexi-Bar into our training programmes and have already seen the benefits that it brings in the awareness, strength and isolation in core training. It also brings a good element of training of ensuring that the whole dynamic system of the body is centred around the core to make sure of efficient movement and balance, which I am positive will have a great impact on motor skills development on skis, through improved efficiency, accuracy and core stability."

-Mark Tilston - Head Coach, Snowsport GB
British Ski Team

THIE FLEXI-BAR PRO IS IDEAL FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES AND ALL FITNESS LEVELS,THE FLEXI-BAR PRO IS USED BY H.M. FORCES( this shows just how good it must be as the army pti staff are very thorough in their training methods and only use tried and tested methods)

The British rowing team use it,the cricket team use it,rowing clubs use it,fitness centres use it,footballers wifes use it and the list goes on.
I can highly recommend the Flexi-Bar Pro and i can assure you that Flexi-Bars customer service and after sales is fantastic unlike some other larger companies!
Go out and purchase a Flexi-Bar Pro,you will not be dissapointed i can promise you that,this is ranked no.1 in our house and the wii has been knocked down to no.2 in our house,even our 5 year old son keeps asking for a go.
Thankyou to all the staff at Flexi-bar for your help and top customer service.
David Galloway.(rotherham)

Flexi-Bar is fab!

"Hi there, I received my Flexi-Bar, absolutely love it and am very impressed with the introductory DVD that comes with it, thank you for a fab product!"

German Olympic Skiiers use Flexi-Bar

To Whom it May Concern

Garmisch~Partenkirchen in Bavaria is the Professional Olympic Training Centre for alpine ski sports in Germany. We provide all year round training for Germany's top skiiers. Amongst others; Maria Riesch "alpine shooting star" several times winner of the world cup and world junior champion, Florian Eckert, following a serious injury once again winner of the bronze medal at the world championships in St Aton; Felix Neureuter, the leading light/talent amongst the top German men at the ski world cup last season, are all trained here. Altogether, nearly all of our top athletes have some form of training support at our regional centre.

The training comprises all aspects of a skiers development.

For the last two years the Flexi-sport products have been included in the
Training programmes of our athletes.

Our daily experience of the Flexi-Bar has been excellent.


  • Very effective proprioceptive training for the entire back and
    shoulder region.

  • Specifically, its use whilst standing on one leg on an
    unstable surface, as a multi trainer

  • Good training results using it during ski specific gluteus and whole body
    tension drills, with the goal of improving general strength and conditioning.

  • Very good training implement to centralise the body whilst standing on one leg, side supports, and the back and stomach muscles, as well as a three dimensional effect on the gluteus during leg strength training on one or two legs.

  • Improvement, sensibilisation, and timing of the entire gluteus muscles in
    the amount of strength used and the speed and amplitude of movement, by or
    through the vibrations of the flexi bar.

  • Specific strength conditioning for the gluteus.

  • It also allows one to vary the intensity of the training by using two
    different strengths ( standard and athletic ) and is therefore ideal to use with junior skiiers,

  • It's ideal for winter sports as they involve a lot of travel and its easily transported and can be used easily in any car park, hotel, ski or fitness room.

  • It has become indispensible for ski alpine and flexi bar is now also used by athletes of the German ice hockey team, and the junior bi-athletes who are trained at the regional centre.

  • -Professional Olympic Training

    Flexi-Bar is a great addition to Health Club

    As the first Spa & Health Club in the UK to take Flexi-Bar, Ragdale Hall quickly realised what a great piece of equipment it is. With a clientele base that varies from the very fit, to those that have never tried any serious exercise before, the Flexi-Bar has proved versatile enough to provide all levels of fitness and experience with a great workout. For those suffering from old injuries, the Flexi-Bar often provides noticeable improvements in mobility and reduction in pain levels.

    Overall, the Flexi-Bar has proved to be an excellent addition to our Fitness department, providing an effective and versatile workout for all walks of life.

    -Dean Hodgkin
    Ragdale Hall

    55 years old and loving Flexi-Bar!

    "after only two long hour sessions, I noticed an incredible difference in core strength. I'm 55 and have 4 children. Usually by the end of the day my stomach is so bloated, I look 6 months pregnant. That has gone down amazingly !! THANK YOU FLEXI-BAR!"

    -Cynthia Cumbers

    My Aching Back

    As a qualified Fitness Professional & Personal Trainer I am always looking for new ways to help my clients with their ailments -

    My biggest obstacle used to be getting them to exercise with chronic back pain, and trying to give them some relief.

    Most programmes and pieces of equipment that I have used to treat back ailments in the past have been somewhat disappointing - until I discovered the Flexi-Bar.

    I have been using it with my clients for about 4 weeks and am amazed at the increases in strength & mobility that my clients are receiving - and in such a short amount of time !!

    I am an absolute convert and just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to such a fine piece of Kit!

    -Anthony Dalbeth
    Fitness Professional

    Hooked on Flexi-Bar

    I am a retired pilot, aged 59yrs, who exercises for 2hrs, 3 times per week. I quickly grasped the concept and possible uses of the Flexi-Bar and was surprised at the greatly increased intensity of exercise produced by using it in conjunction with Yoga and Pilates techniques. In fact, those who initially find the concept of 'Core Stability' difficult to grasp will find that it becomes almost automatic when using the Flexi-Bar. The fact that the oscillations of the bar do not adversely affect balance when held in one position, is a bonus. The rapid Flexi-Bar ACTION countered by equal and opposite almost involuntary muscular REACTION produces one of the most intensive workouts one can get without using a multitude of machines. For those who prefer 'free' exercises and working in groups or classes, the Flexi-Bar is ideal. Once one has mastered controlling the bar oscillations, and starts to experiment with its use in conjunction with various Yoga or other floor exercise positions, one is hooked. I have only used the Flexi-Bar for 2 weeks and I am hooked, but feel that I have only scratched the surface of its potential.

    -John Douglas
    Grantham Leisure Centre

    Flexi-Bar is a great rehab tool

    The Laboratory Spa & Health Club

    At The Laboratory Spa & Health Club, we've been using Flexi-Bar as part of our core workout classes in the group fitness studio for over a year now. It's added variety for our members and they've welcomed a fun and different way to improve their core strength and enhance their core stability. The bars are also available for our members' individual use on the gym floor and our personal trainers are using them successfully and regularly with their clients. The Flexi-Bar is a great rehab tool and a brilliant addition to our working out 'props' that get the results we're all after.

    -Angie Newson
    Studio Manager
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    With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise

    per week



    Welcome to the FLEXI-BAR Revolution. The amazing benefi ts of vibrational training are now available to everyone. Originally used by physiotherapists to treat everything from back pain to weight loss, FLEXI-BAR targets the deep muscles of the Core, improving the stability and function of the entire spinal region. Used alone, or in conjunction with traditional exercises, FLEXI-BAR acts quickly to build strength, remove waste products and toxins, and rehabilitate a wide range of injuries.


    Training Plan 1 has been designed for the beginner. It has a range of exercises for the entire body that are easy to follow and thoroughly explained. This Video targets most araeas of the body including chest, back, legs & abdominals.


    Presenters - With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry between them, your presenters, Steve Schiemer and Rebecca Small bring a wealth of knowledge and fun to this FLEXI-BAR workout. As international Fitness Presenters, they have each brought their skills and experience to fi tness trainers in over 30 countries.

    Available on DVD Only!




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