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Exercise to Lose Weight

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Author: Joshua McNiel

When it comes time to finding a way to lose weight, most people try to go the diet route first. I’m not sure why, but many people ignore exercise and think that cutting out a meal or two every day will help them lose weight.


Unfortunately, this usually ends up in failure and most people might even gain a pound or two in the process. Sure, changing your dietary habits is a surefire way to start losing weight, but most people make short-term dietary decisions rather than natural long-term dietary decisions. As a result, they punish their body, which reacts by going into conservation mode.


What I recommend doing, is using exercise to lose weight fast while gradually changing your dietary habits to keep the weight off. That is what works for me, my clients, and everyone else that I know.

When you start with exercise, you are training your body how to burn calories more efficiently. When you do this, your body will start managing the good fuel (protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats) and start dumping the bad fuel (fat).


Although this process can take time, you should start seeing results very quickly. If you’ve ever watched shows like The Biggest Loser, you will notice that as soon as people start exercising, they start losing 10-20 pounds per week/month. This is because during that initial phase of exercise your body will start dumping everything it doesn’t need. You will drop water weight, fat, and toxins that your body has been unable to get rid of.

Using exercise to lose weight fast is a method of “kick starting” your body’s metabolism into a fuel burning frenzy. The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume, and exercise is a great way to do this. 1 hour of running typically burns 1,000 calories, while 1 hour of biking typically burns 600-750 calories. Now, I am not expecting you to run an hour, but if you run 1 hour per week then you will be burning an extra 1,000 calories per week, which is about 10% of your daily intake. This can be a huge difference in helping you burn those extra pounds for good.

Making good dietary decisions is important too, but not as important as exercise is. Exercise not only naturally detoxifies your body, but it creates a strong and healthy heart as well. Too many people suffer from lack of energy and lethargy as a result of inactivity. Exercise can solve this problem in a hurry.

Once you have incorporated exercise into your weekly routine, then you can start making better dietary decisions. You will probably want healthier foods anyway, as your body will crave nutrition. Start dumping the sweets and junk foods while increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume. Replace fatty meats with healthier options, such as legumes.

Also, you may want to try drinking acai juice. If you havn't heard of it before, let me explain; Acai berry is a fruit rich in nutrients, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and a whole lot of antioxidants. With all of this combined, you have quite a powerful dieting food.

This is the best way that I know to lose weight and keep it off. It worked for me and I guarantee that it will work for you.


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