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Exercises That Stick

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Author: Dennis Bartram

In ancient times when man was really in tune with nature and therefore the principles of Heaven, Earth and man he could attune his body symmetry by natural methods much more simply His exercise was symmetrical, many of the Kung Fu systems mimicked the movements of birds and animals to emulate their qualities. Birds fly in the medium of air not by mechanical means of flapping their wings, this is just to become airborne. Birds utilise air currents to use air as a medium of transport.

Fish swim in the same economical way utilising the shape and design of their skin surfaces to glide through water A feeding trout can lie perfectly still in an oncoming stream by utilising a fulcrum in the waters current and its scaly surface producing turbulences to produce a balance against the current. A quick flick of its tail and fins will send it twenty yards upstream in a second.

Mans nature is to walk, to produce economical movement and produce energy. Because our emotions are linked to our limbic or survival brain if we are not in mental balance this can affect our walking potentials or gait In Japanese, walking is called Aruki but this translation means much more than the westerners forward fast paced walk.

We live in a rat race but we don't have to race to be human.

Ancient mans aruki were multi-directional and they would walk sideways - backwards - at angles as well as straight. This coupled with rolling, sitting; squatting and climbing produced a paralateral form of exercise for the bodies' symmetry and good health. As these forms of movement became used less as occupational specialisation took over they needed to be incorporated into exercise methods to replace the natural skills of hunting and fighting.


One such method in Japan was adopted by the mountain mystics and developed into spirit, health building movements as well as a warrior craft these basic forms of movement became family systems suited to the occupations and the terrain of people. Through the 400 years of the warring states in Japan these natural living people kept its secrets and utilised its benefits to survive warfare as well as against the elements. Dr Masaaki Hatsumi of Japan is a 34th in line Grandmaster of Nine of these schools of Budo warrior craft movement strategies. May this data bring you Enlightenment and the Knowledge to know when you're there!

Read these words below three times!

First time for background,

Second time for what you think you understand,

Third time for what you transcend!

Tips For All
Computer Sitters Simple Health Exercises
Sit Back In your Computer Sitting Chair
Put Your Feet Up On Your Desk
Get A Comfortable Position
To Be Able
Kneed Your Calf Muscles
(Yes from the backs Duh!)
Using Your Fingers and Gripping Thumb Without
Using Strength? ...
Kneed Your Calves As You Sit Back
And Take 5
To Watch All
Body/Mind Maintenance
Video Presentations
Designed With
You In Mind!




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Do you expect to ache because you're "AT THAT AGE"?
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Are you the sort of person who is too busy to Relax?
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Learn the real key to your potential by integration of the mind and body and spirit. Learn the Alphacise plan to relax and concentrate better.



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