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Fad Diet Plans - Good Or Bad

Fill In Your Details

Author: Robert Hemken Jr

If this was the old west I would have to say "fad diet plans are like road apples, they're everywhere!" I am sure you have noticed what I am talking about. TV, radio, magazines, books, newspapers, billboards all bombard you with the next popular fad diet plans for you to spend your hard earned dollars on in hopes to find the magic elixir to all our weight loss desires.

So what gives? Is there any fad diet plans worth their weight in gold dust or are they all just snake oil? Just like in the old west there are good guys and bad guys. How can you find the cowboys wearing the white hats? Well it is high noon and time to drive cowboys wearing the black hats out of town! Their are not welcome here anymore.

One thing we have to clarify right now is the fact that all the term "fad diets" really means is a diet plan that is popular for a time and then the public losses interest and it is not so popular any more. This could be for either good or bad reasons. Most fad diet plans become popular because people are losing weight using them. However this doesn't guarantee that the diet is a healthy one or that the weight loss will be permanent. Other times fad diet plans fall from grace because people become obsessed with the next seemingly easier fad.

You need to do your homework. Not all diet plans are created equal. Each and everyone of us have different needs and circumstances. What works for me may not work for you. Write down a few things about yourself before you start searching. Your age, gender, overall health and weight loss goals all play into the equation. Once you establish these you will narrow down your choices to a manageable number.

After that additional factors will come into play. How much time are you willing to devote to your plan? Are you able to spend some money on a quality online diet plan or do you need to find out ways to lose weight that doesn't require an actual purchase. Either will work and it all depends on how motivated you are.

The bottom line is that a weight loss diet that will work needs to be based on healthy eating habits and proper exercise. You will need to burn more calories than you take in. If you have the time to learn and do research there is plenty of free information on the web to get you started. If you are squeezed for time or would rather spend your free time elsewhere there are also great online diet plans that will provide you with all the techniques and tools needed to realize your weight loss goals.


Fad diet plans come and go but if you saddle your horse correctly you will be able to complete the trail drive to your perfect size and shape.

Happy Trails!

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