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Fat Loss For Idiots: My Own Experience

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Author: Peter Pantora

I have been battling the bulge for the past 20 something years of my life. In middle school and high school, the kids around me were particularly cruel as they called me names that I'd rather forget. I still lived a normal life by laughing it off or telling coarse remarks about myself as well which sort of became my fighting mechanism but the words still hurt until this very day.

And it is not like I have never tried anything to make myself lose weight. I have read one idiot proof diet review after another idiot proof diet review, hoping anyone of the products mentioned could make me find that idiot proof diet that I have been waiting for. I have tried low calorie diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, the after 6 diet, the Herbalife diet, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. All these seemed to get me lose like a pound or two after a week of grueling food sacrifices but I just can't seem to stick to them. The Low calorie and low fat diet made me feel weak that I had to miss one day at work, the low carb diet made me miss bread so much I was already dreaming about it and the rest were just way to darn expensive to continue. So I had to stop.

Then, as I was doing my weekly idiot proof diet review, I ended up reading an article about Fat Loss 4 Idiots. The article was about a man who tried it out and it changed his life so I said to myself, I better check the website of this so called idiot proof diet and see for myself if it is really worth my money.

The website itself was amusing to see and all the facts got me interested. So, feeling excited and a little bit nervous as I am to embark on another diet plan, I bought the Fat Loss 4 Idiots access.

Basically, how the plan works is that I get to eat 4 times a day, eating the foods that I like and after 11 days, I get a "break" from the plan and I am allowed to eat whatever the hell I want (in understandable moderation of course). Definitely an idiot proof diet, right?

It may not sound like one will lose weight but how the plan works is that it "shocks" your body by eating beyond you normally do, at intervals of 2 and a half hours away from each other, so your body will burn calories faster than it did before.

And the results? Absolutely, totally FANTASTIC! I am scared that I seem to be overselling the product but after 2 months into the plan, I have lost 30 pounds, I had to do an overhaul of my wardrobe and I seem to keep on shedding the unwanted pounds.

I guess the secret why this idiot proof diet works is the three day "free to eat whatever" day that allows you to have some fun guilt free, then return to your plan the next days after.

Peter Johnson is an expert consultant about Idiot Proof Diet. You can find more information by visiting http://www.idiotproofdietreviews.com


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