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Fat Loss Tricks

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Author: Elena M. Pavlina

Do you want to get rid of those extra fat you have accumulated? Don't even think of going to the gym nor a crash diet! You can burn that awful fat now, without all that tedious training with the weights; that really hurts. You can achieve a slimmer body without actually burning your pockets rather than burning the calories and tormenting your body to do some painful exercises. A few simple tricks will get you there that are seldom harmful and do not even demand your so precious time and energy. You can follow these simple measures at the comforts of your home and can certainly help anyone.

Here you go with those tricks:

1. Try not to accompany any liquids while eating; liquid consumption during your meal actually washes and dilutes your mouth and oesophagus enzymes resulting in poor digestion. The enzymes activate better in a dry environment, as it is easy for them to break down the food as they travel to the stomach. Just try and keep the liquids away while eating, it really is beneficial.

2. Include raw vegetable salad to your menu, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will assimilate the food you have and keeps your digestive system hale and healthy. Vegetables promote your entire health and well being thus aiding you in losing some extra weight. Remember to eat them raw they work better if consumed raw.

Add fruits to your diet chart, either before or after your every meal. Its said and done by so many that fruits are rich in fiber and contain enzymes. These enzymes help in breaking down the food particles promoting easy and a good digestion process. Bad digestive system is filled with toxins and the body finds it really hard to eliminate the undigested food out of the system. 'An apple a day keep the doctor away' -most definitely is a true statement. Eat an apple before your meal followed by a banana after the meal, this is sure to do wonders in burning and the digesting the fat intake.

3. Do not laugh your gut out! Rubbing your tummy for 1-3 minutes in small circular movements after your meal will aid the digestion process. Are you frowning? No, this isn't a joke. Try it to actually believe it.

The above tricks may not sound very convincing, but they are worth a try and you will most certainly have surprising results, which you would pass on to your family and friends. After listening to the same old advices on weight loss that range from rigorous exercise routine to strict eating routine like eat only this and that, you must be terribly disappointed and the never-ending list keeps haunting you all the time. But now, you can give a shot to these tips that are very simple and effective for sure. All you need to follow them for the next couple of weeks to get back to shape. Now that is not hard at all. And do not lose hopes; remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. So go ahead and follow these tips, they will not let you down

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