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Fight Chemical Allergies With Natural Vitamins

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Author: Darrell Miller

When the body is exposed to certain foreign chemicals, it may respond by producing antibodies to defend its self against the foreign invaders. Almost any substance can cause a reaction in some individuals. Some of the environmental contaminants that often cause problems include: air pollution, gas, oil, coal fumes, formaldehyde, chlorine, phenol, carbolic acid, insecticides, disinfectants, paint strippers, paint, hair sprays, household cleaning products, and metals such as nickel, mercury, chrome, and beryllium.

Chemical allergies often show up on the body as skin reactions. However, there are other possible allergic responses to foreign chemicals. Among these are watery eyes, ringing in the ears, stuffy nose, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, fatigue, eczema, intestinal disorders, depression, and headache. Some people may have a reaction immediately after encountering a chemical allergen, while others may not react for up to twenty-four hours.

The following program of supplements is designed to protect you from and help you deal with the effects of chemical allergies. The dosages recommended are for adults unless otherwise specified. For a child between the ages of twelve and seventeen, the dosage should be reduced to three-quarters the recommended amount, while one-half the recommended amount should be used for a child between six and twelve. A child under the age of six should use one-quarter the recommended amount.

Vitamin A should be taken in dosages of 50,000 IU daily for ten days, then reduced to 25,000 IU daily in order equip the body with powerful free radical scavengers and immune enhancers. Vitamin B complex is essential as allergies hinder the absorption of B vitamins. 100-200 mg of each major B vitamin should be taken daily. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids protects the body from allergens and moderates the inflammatory response. It should be taken in divided dosages of 5,000-20,000 mg daily. 60 mg daily of coenzyme Q10 is important for helping the body to counter histamine, a body chemical that is involved in allergic reactions. Coenzyme Q10 also supports the immune system's detoxification of many dangerous substances and removes toxins from the body. Pycnogenol should be taken as directed on the label, as it serves as a free radical scavenger and aids in protecting bodily cells from damage.

Two hundred micrograms of Selenium should be taken daily because it is essential in immune function and protection of cells. SOD, a potent free radical scavenger, should be taken as directed on the label. 50 mg of zinc should be taken daily. It is important in proper immune function. Two capsules of garlic should be taken three times daily, as it is a powerful immune stimulant, while 500 mg of L-cysteine should be taken daily, as it is an excellent detoxifier.

Manganese should be taken as directed on the label, as it interacts with zinc and copper. Pancreatic enzymes should be taken as directed on the label. They are needed for proper digestion and assimilation of necessary nutrients. Raw thymus, which is important for immune function, should be taken as directed on the label. The following herbs are also helpful in dealing with chemical allergies: calendula, chamomile, elder flower, and tea tree oil.

If you hadn't noticed, most of the above listed supplements boost the immune system. Boosting the immune system is the first step to overcoming allergic reactions and in time will help one resist allergies for a life time. The above listed supplements are available at your local and internet health food store.

More information on natural vitamin supplements is available at VitaNet , LLC Health Food Store.


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