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FLEXI:BAK is suitable for people with persistent back problems.

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Author: Phillip Skinner

OUCH!  If your back is too painful to exercise, what do you do? During those periods when using a FLEXI-BAR (or doing anything ) is too painful, lying on a Flexi:Bak will help you ease the pain you feel, getting you back on your feet sooner.
Designed by Osteopath Jason Rooser, Flexi:Bak gently decompresses your spine, allowing gentle mobilization of the lumbar area. For those suffering conditions like a prolapsed disc, Flexi:Bak is often the only relief available that does not entail strong painkillers. Want to read more? Go t0:
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Rack And Roll - Is this the way to beat backpain Ever since he was involved in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago, Steve Lydon has suffered bad lower-back pain. Now Steve, 43, from Northleach, Gloucestershire is benefiting from a new device, designed specifically to relieve pain in that region.

Called Flexibak, it is made of eight wooden segments, each sitting independently on a self-lubricating nylon-covered aluminium rod. The patient lies on the floor, slips Flexibak under the pelvis and rocks gently from side to side, allowing the segments to massage his back.

The segments, and spaces between are designed to support the lower spinal column in such a way that gravity begins to reverse the compression accumulated throughout the day. As the weight-bearing lower lumbar spinal joints relax, pressure is relieved on any inflamed muscles, strained tendons, bulging discs and compressed nerves. Steve, who has used Flexibak for six months, says his spine is better than at any time since the accident.

The device, which was invented by British osteopath Jason Rosser, has been clinically tested and has helped patients suffering from a range of problems, including arthritis, sports injuries and rheumatism. It also proved particularly beneficial to pregnant women.

Flexibak costs about £60. For more details:

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Reader’s Digest – By Joanna North – News of Medicine Feature – August 2000




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