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Flossing and Tooth Brushing Techniques

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Author: Dr. Daniel Burton, DDS

Flossing and brushing your teeth are imperative for good dental hygiene. If you have established a good dental hygiene routine then you will avoid years of dental pain including tooth aches, cavities, gum disease and the loss of teeth. Therefore, in order to prevent these tooth diseases you should know the very best flossing and tooth brushing techniques that are available. It is not enough to just run a toothbrush over your teeth and call it tooth brushing. Flossing and tooth brushing techniques are imperative if you want to effectively brush your teeth. In addition, without proper flossing and tooth brushing techniques you may actually cause harm to your teeth rather then benefit from it.

Flossing Techniques for Great Oral Hygiene

The purpose of flossing your teeth is to remove particles of food and plaque in the hard to reach places of your mouth, where a toothbrush simply cannot venture to; between each tooth and beneath your gum line. The reason why flossing is imperative is due to the plaque that builds up in those areas which create gum disease and tooth decay. So how does one properly floss his or her teeth?

• Use approximately 18 inches of floss which you will gently weave between your fingers. Once you use the floss for one tooth space, you should then use another part of the floss so you do not introduce the plaque that you have just taken out. This is why so much floss is needed.

• With about one and a half inches tightly free of floss, tenderly glide the floss back and forth between two teeth. You should then continue to bring the floss gently to the base of every tooth in order to reach the gumline. However, you must be very delicate as you do not want to bruise, cut or damage the gumline itself.

• Never use a dirty piece of floss to clean other teeth spaces as you may reintroduce plaque or other foreign germs into the space.

• Once you are finished flossing a particular area of the mouth, continue the back and forth motion upwards until the floss comes out of the tooth space. Never directly press the floss into the space, nor rip it out.

Tooth Brushing Techniques for Excellent Dental Hygiene

Before you even begin to brush your teeth, you will need the right supplies. Using a soft bristle toothbrush is ideal because it will be gentle on your teeth. You can also use an electronic toothbrush as they have soft bristles and they have a greater polish turn out for your teeth. The toothpaste that you use should have fluoride as this will help strengthen your tooth's enamel. Once you have your correct supplies, you are ready to brush!

Since you have a soft bristle brush you can gently press your brush over your teeth without causing damage to your gumline. Begin with your bottom jaw, at one of the ends. In a small circular motion, brush up to three teeth in this manner. In order to brush the backside of these teeth, you will need to vertically tilt the brush so that the tip of your toothbrush is able to brush the backside of the teeth in the same circular motion. This circular motion is crucial to tooth brushing techniques because it is able to lift plaque and food from your teeth with ease. Once you are finished brushing your teeth, the secret technique to eliminate unwanted germs and bad breath is to tenderly brush the tongue and the roof of the mouth.

Why Are Flossing and Tooth Brushing Techniques Important?

Flossing and Tooth brushing techniques are important because they eliminate germs, plaque and other substances from the teeth which may cause great damage to your teeth in the future. Also, using the correct flossing and tooth brushing techniques will enable you to effectively clean your teeth, keeping them healthy and white. Many people miss important areas of their teeth while cleaning only because they do not brush correctly. Others become discouraged because they believe they have an excellent dental hygiene plan yet they seem to always be bothered by toothaches. By properly cleaning, you will not have to face such problems as toothaches, cavities and tooth loss.

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