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Foods That Cause Acid Reflux You Need an Acid Reflux Disease Diet

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Author: Jeannie Crabtree

Once you have started an acid reflux disease diet, you may find that a number of your reflux symptoms stop, and your throat is allowed to heal.

So let's discuss what kinds of foods cause acid reflux and some ideas about the acid reflux diet you might need.

Foods That Cause Acid Reflux

One of the biggest offenders to remove from your diet is processed food. Between the acidity of the sugars and starches, your stomach will often not digest well and churn out acids up your esophagus, if you have acid reflux disease.

Another place to start, is cutting down on fats, but not totally out, as you need some healthy fats for good health. Examples of good fats are flax oil, organic butter and fish oil.

Begin to notice which foods and the ingredients in the food set off your acid reflux. Keep a diary for two weeks and write down your reactions and what foods you ate. As you begin to notice a pattern, take those foods out and find substitutes or do without.

There are a number of foods that most people who want to follow an acid reflux disease diet must remove from their selection of foods. A partial list is pasta, plums, cranberries and cranberry juice, garlic, black pepper, sweets and radishes.

And a favorite food to many that often cause problems with reflux are chocolate and pepermint. Sorry, but it is best to avoid those.

In addition, some beverages are offenders. Tea, coffee, diet soft drinks, soft drinks - all these drinks can add to your acid reflux problem. So they need removed from your diet at least for now.

It is best to drink water. Most people do not drink enough water anyway. In addition, give Green tea a try. Green tea can aid digestion, so it can settle the acid reflux down for many people. Ginger tea is also a good remedy to soothe stomach problems and aid digestion. I have taken both ginger tea straight and can also buy herbal teas that have ginger as part of the ingredients.

Foods For Acid Reflux

It may seem like many of your favorite foods are gone, but often times this is a call to get back to a better diet. All kinds of vegetables are good to add to your diet, especially the leafy greens as this adds more minerals to your diet. This helps reduce the acid reflux.

The exception to this may be vegetables that commonly cause gas such as broccoli and cabbage. So don't eat those in large quantities.

In addition, eat what vegetables and fruits that you can raw, as raw food contain enzymes which aid in digestion.

As you add more of the right foods in and cut back on the foods that cause acid reflux such as processed, sweetened and irritating foods, You will end up with less acid reflux and burping. Yes, it may take some self control, but you will find your acid reflux disease diet is helping.

Tired of the belching, burping and burning? It can be hard to know what to eat at times, so be sure to visit the Acid Reflux Disease Diet reviews to discover specific diets to overcome acid reflux. It is well worth it. Following one of these, you can get relief. http://www.helpforacidreflux.com


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