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From Palpation to Inhibition part 3

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Author: Dennis Bartram

 By removing them from a global paradigm of energy action, you create a reductionist equation of the factors. Current science only recognises linking together and co-ordinating movements as a skill level. This attitude proposed that a high level of skill is more automatic. The co-ordinated movements inside the act became linked into an automatic reflex pattern that can respond faster literally because it's a linear chain reflex response.


This reflex response is faster but it's still sequentially acted out at a motor skill level. The Quantum action theory is based on their being two levels of ability in selected learned skill. One level of the skill being more global and higher than the other one. So when a finger performs an act it is governed by a higher order intelligence, sensing a larger chunk of now time.


So a higher intelligence sensing a need for change at the finger level can control the change. Psychologists discovered thirty years ago, that learning a skill at shoulder level would pass down the ranking system to low levels or fractals of elbow, wrist to fingers.  The learning pattern however would not pass up the rank. In fractal terms then the finger does not know that it has a nervous system, but the nervous system knows it has a finger. The global intelligence we are talking about here is higher than the nervous system. Muscular action is measured at 1/5 of a second in transmition.


The changes in finger position of a concert pianist are measured at 1/1,000th of a second. These actions are the result of an energy matrix where an instantaneous response can be elicited.  Then Hatsumi Sensei first talked to us on the principles of therapy, he told us we had to understand Gairon, this Big picture.


What has been discovered is the scientific basis of the interconnectedness and continuity of the parts of the living organism. This interconnectedness is based upon the careful study of the structure and function of cells and tissues. It provides a basis for the streaming of energy and information throughout the living body. Energy Medicine, James Oschman page 41/2

A learning pattern has a holographic amplification (the single factor which determines the essence of the skill) which spans both space and time. This amplification manifests as an information density with an instantaneous response.
Noel Huntley  

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