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From Palpation to Inhibition part 4

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Author: Dennis Bartram

This global or Proprioceptive sense on a high skill elicits instant cancellation of motions and sudden changes of direction with great accuracy. These movements are described as a staccato and occur instantly inside the flow of a motion or act. The muscles provide a basic force for movements but the energy field stores the programme. This enables high co-ordination and great accuracy in precise changes of position co-ordinates.

In this kind of movement scenario there are no steps just a continuum of movement. Inside this flow the limbs of the body can be explorative, decisive and evasive in a synaesthesia of motion.
So now if you consider your palpation and detection of aberrant pulls in the tissue is a global intelligence not just a fractal finger skill. The natural movement skills inside Tai Jutsu has all the aforementioned quantum action properties applied through a unified field quality, this is the bodies interoceptive feel. This is your internal sense or reference as to the location of your body parts in integrated in relation to three dimensional space.

Hatsumi said "All that is important here is the feeling"
(Hatsumi conversations. Oral transmission1995)

Collectively I will now refer to these skills as proprioception to equate with the Western concepts of body, mind co-ordination.

Proprioception is the higher conscious appreciation of the body's adjustment to orientation of space and movement. Changes to the tensegrous geometry alter the pull in the tissues and adapt to maintain the vertical ability of the body. Invested in the soft tissues are stretch receptors tracking movements of the body. Which allows the body to sense itself kinaesthetically in three dimensional space and through movement.

As the body moves through time and space it weaves the motion and form into a synaesthesia of sensitised co-ordination with the ability to respond to change instantaneously. This Kinaesthesia is the expression of our interoceptive sense which manifests as a global and organic feeling.

"Various kinds of bodywork and movement therapy can change patterns of movement and thereby change patterns of electrical fields that arise from that movement and this ultimately leads to change in body structure"
P.159 Oschman J. Energy Medicine 



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