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Genital Herpes Signs and Symptoms - Do You Have Genital Herpes?

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Author: Adriana Sands

About a week ago you spent a night with a total stranger. You can't remember what their name was but you do remember that you didn't use protection. And now, strange things are happening to your body.

You might feel flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, headache and fever. You may be having dizzy spells, sore limbs and swollen glands in your groin. You might even have small sores or blisters appearing on your genitals or in the areas around them.

You might be scared to death right now, as these symptoms are a hallmark of some very nasty sexually transmitted diseases. While these symptoms can be a range of fairly innocuous conditions, there is one thing you should be aware of, these are classic signs and symptoms of genital herpes.

But before you freak out completely, you should know the different genital herpes signs and symptoms so you will know if you really do have genital herpes or not. If you do suspect you might have genital herpes, you should get yourself tested immediately. Despite what you may have heard, herpes is very treatable and controllable, provided you can get the right treatments and take proper care of your body.

The problem with genital herpes is that it is quite a tricky disease. When it breaks out, the symptoms can be wide and varied, and are different from person to person. Genital herpes, or Herpes Simplex Virus-2 (HSV2) is a virus that lays dormant in the body until an outbreak is triggered, usually by stress or allowing your body to be run down by lack of sleep or fatigue.

The most common genital herpes signs and symptoms are the blisters in and around the pubic area that are the disease's trademark. These blisters are usually scabby seeping sores that are small-coin-sized in shape, but they can also be small pimple-sized sores, or a rash that spreads from the genitals all around the pubic area and buttocks.

There are also genital herpes signs and symptoms that you should look out for prior to the breakout. They include flu-like symptoms such as fever, coughing and fatigue as well as an itching and burning sensation in the pubic area.

Currently, there is no known cure for genital herpes but if you have genital herpes you can still live a normal life as long as you know how to control genital herpes signs and symptoms. Particularly, you need to avoid having breakouts which lasts for about two weeks and can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Because breakouts are usually caused by stress, you should avoid stress at all costs to be able to control genital herpes signs and symptoms. This can be hard due to the stress that having the disease can cause, but there are many ways to avoid stress, such as meditation, exercise, relaxation therapy, or simply taking a little time out every day to participate in a hobby or do something you enjoy.

Additionally many have benefited from therapy sessions after being diagnosed to help learn to accept and deal with the fact that they now have the condition. Just talking it over with someone can be a wonderful help.

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