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Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men, How to Recognize Them

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Author: Adriana Sands

Though genital herpes is more common among women than men, it is still important for guys to be informed about the disease. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that unfortunately currently has no cure. While much research is currently happening, we are still years away from a totally effective cure. Despite what you may have heard, genital herpes is actually a very manageable and controllable disease, and the first steps to managing the disease is being informed about it, so read on.

The virus stays in the body of the infected person for life, laying dormant in the nerves around the genital area. The virus multiplies and causes a breakout when the natural immune defenses of the host are compromised, such as at a time of stress, or when your body is fatigued or run down. Other factors can cause outbreaks too, such as vast changes in temperature, allergic reactions to foods, or a vast change in diet.

Also known as herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2), genital herpes is the more severe form of herpes, the other form being HSV1 which is more commonly causes cold sores.

The good news is, despite there being no cure, there has been great progressions in treatments to manage the disease. Genital herpes symptoms in men can be managed through diet, medication or natural treatments. All can be equally effective, and with a little research you can find the treatment that’s right for you. With the right treatment, you can prevent outbreaks from happening, and if they do occur, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to heal, and the pain and irritation that may occur.

Genital herpes symptoms in men usually start in the form of itching, swelling or a light rash on the penis and around the genital area. You may also experience trouble or pain when urinating.

The next, and most commonly known of genital herpes symptoms in men, are the painful red bumps on and around the genital area. These bumps can be small or large in size, and may be many or very few, although they are almost always uncomfortable and in some cases painful. These bumps will eventually seep, and then burst. If you’ve ever had a cold sore, then you may be familiar with these sores, as they are very similar, only occurring on the penis instead of the mouth.

The cycle will end with scabs forming over the open sores, which will then begin to heal. If left untreated, the outbreak can last from 10 days to two weeks. Apart from the lesions, other genital herpes symptoms in men include painful urination, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever and fatigue. These symptoms can re-emerge only a couple of times a year, or they may happen up to once or twice a month, depending on the person.

It is important for men who experience genital herpes symptoms in men to immediately see a doctor. Prompt, immediate and effective treatment, as well as a healthy diet with the right supplements to help combat the disease is the key to managing the pain and discomfort that are usually associated with genital herpes in men.

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