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Genital Herpes Symptoms in Women – the Signs to Look Out For

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Author: Adriana Sands

Are you currently feeling a burning sensation in your vagina, labia or surrounding areas including your anus, buttocks and upper legs? Do you notice an unusual vaginal discharge? Do you have a rash or itching around the genitals and surrounding area? Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms such as headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness or fever?

If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms and you’ve started seeing a new partner, had unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex recently, or you’ve been experiencing these signs for some time now, it’s possible you might have contracted herpes.

The symptoms mentioned above are some of the known genital herpes symptoms in women before an outbreak occurs. If you meet the above criteria, this can be a cause for some concern. If you are experiencing these symptoms, or you are just concerned, you should see a doctor or medical practitioner as soon as possible for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) check. These signs can also be quite a few other diseases and conditions, many of them harmless, but they are well known genital herpes symptoms in women.

Some facts you should know include genital herpes is much more common in women than men, around twice as many females contract the disease than men. You may have contracted the disease from someone who doesn’t even know they have it, as 70 percent of men carrying the disease show little or no symptoms at all, and are unaware they have the herpes virus. Unfortunately, women are much more likely to show signs of the disease and have regular outbreaks.

Once contracted, genital herpes stays in the body for life, laying dormant in the nerves of the genital area. Herpes will show no signs at all until the time of an outbreak, which is preceded by the symptoms mentioned above. Outbreaks can occur frequently or rarely, depending on the person, but they are most likely to appear around once a month.

During an outbreak, genital herpes symptoms in women usually come in the form of blisters found in and around the genital area. These blisters can be small or large, be many or little in number, and usually start out a seeping sores that may itch or be easily irritated. They are very uncomfortable, and sometimes very painful. The sores will eventually scab over, and heal usually within ten days.

There is currently no known cure for genital herpes but with modern medications and treatments it can be managed easily, the trick is getting the right treatment right away. Many effective treatments exist, including natural and herbal treatments. These are great for anyone wanting to combat the disease naturally, and avoid the side effects associated with expensive prescription drugs.

Other genital herpes symptoms in women include muscle ache, back pain and swollen lymph nodes. You might also have pain or burning when urinating. If you are experiencing any of these, please see your doctor as soon as possible and start treatment. With the right treatment and diet, you can keep herpes under control and live a normal life.


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