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Get Details About the Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Author: Alan Bullington

The Schwinn 231 recumbent exercise bike is made for home use. That doesn't mean it's a lightweight though. It's one of Schwinn's more expensive bikes, but here's why owners buy it anyway...

The 231 Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike is a very low priced bike compared to many competitive bikes. Buy a cheap exercise bike and it will likely self destruct. Owners say the Schwinn 231 is a lot of bike for the money. It's durable and has the Schwinn quality, but it has lots of features too. Here's how...

It will work and last.

Schwinn equipment is known for lasting a long time. Now this bike isn't as heavy as a commercial machine, but it does weigh in at well over a hundred pounds. It's heavy enough to be stable, but light enough to be easily moved. It's well put together too. This is a machine that won't have to be replaced quickly. That way, it may be cheaper in the long-run than a cheap discount store machine. You get a lot of bike for the money and that's the Schwinn reputation. So many of these bikes have been sold that you can find many, many owner comments on the Internet. That's a major plus.

The Recumbent Advantage.

Anyone can get on this machine with its step-through frame. Once on, you'll like the big comfortable seat. The seat has a dual lumbar support and gets high praise. It has plenty of adjustments too so it will fit most people well. Like any recumbent model, many people find this type of bike more comfortable than an upright model. The design of the seat lets your weight be distributed just right for maximum comfort. If you can ride longer and harder on a comfortable bike, you get more of what you want from your machine. More riding means more weight loss and better fitness.

What About The Electronics?

A key feature of Schwinn 231 exercise bike is the electronics. The resistance system is magnetic which produces a smooth almost silent ride. Plus with the 16 resistance levels you can adjust the pedal effort to just the right level for you . To keep it interesting there are 10 different preset workout programs too, plus there are 10 profile courses. What's the real reason for the electronics? Simple. The programmed workouts and the quiet, smooth ride are the way to fight boredom. My guess is that most exercise bikes sit idle because pedaling can be painfully boring.

Other Exercise Options?

Exercise bikes are not a new idea. The exercise bike remains popular even though there are many other options. Those include treadmills and elliptical machines as well as many others. A recumbent machine is quiet, comfortable and this one has powerful electronics. You can exercise with quiet and without bobbing and bouncing around. That way you can listen to music, watch videos or even read while you exercise. The recumbent bike has a number of advantages over other exercise machines.

The Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a good value. It's noted for reliability and owners praise the value. It's not as heavy and as stable as a commercial exercise bike, but it's reliable and rugged for home use.

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