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Author: Marcelo

It is not a fact that you have to follow a very strict diet if you want to lose your weight. A low calorie diet cannot help you to lose weight and fat permanently. A diet is after all a restriction of calories that is purely temporary and therefore, the results will also be temporary. You need different strategies if you are looking to get rid of that fat and weight permanently.

Change your way of thinking if you want to achieve permanent fat loss. You need to change the habits that produce the fat in the first place and you should do this all your life from this day onwards. So far, you made with a poor or wrong nutrition and no exercise at all. You need to change your diet to a nutritious one and make exercise as a part of your daily routine. Once you get into the habit of eating correctly and also exercising regularly, life will be much healthier, and all that you have to see is that you maintain these new habits throughout the rest of your life and you will succeed in getting rid of that fat permanently.

One needs to be careful if you want to lose that fat permanently. Just cutting your calorific intake to half of what it was is no way to get results. Reduce your calorie intake by about 500 calories if your normal intake is 2500 calories. Increase your activities at the same time and it is almost certain that the fat will start to drop off your body. This way you will not go into a starvation mode and will be able to carry out your normal routine plus the exercise routine that you have now brought into your life. Once you see that the fat is dropping off, reduce your calories still further or make sure that you exercise even more.

Your diet or routine must never allow you to lose the muscle mass. Muscle burns calories even when you are not exercising and are just sleeping or resting. That is why a body builder has to eat a lot because his muscle mass requires a lot of calories. Calorie loss is also increased by exercise. If you have more body mass you will lose more calories in the same workout than would a person who has lesser body mass than you do, even though you follow the same workout routine. So keep those muscles and do not lose them. Restrict your weight loss to about 2 pounds a week as anything more than this could really be reducing your muscles and thus your ability to burn calories.

To lose fat you need to burn more calories than what you consume. You need a caloric deficit which you can get by cutting calories from your diet or increasing the activities that your body is used to so that you burn those extra calories. Exercising is a definitely better way to lose calories than cutting it out from your diet. Your metabolic rate increases when you exercise and this further increases the rate for burning out calories besides ensuring that you lose less muscle, and also ensure that fat burning enzymes and hormones will increase. What you really need to do is burn the fat and feed the muscle, instead of going on a diet.

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