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Get the Facts About Diet to Increase Metabolism

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Author: Jim Robertson

Weight loss has become big business in this country, and people are constantly on the lookout for the weight loss "trick" that will help them to achieve success in meeting their goals. Many of us who are on the quest to drop the pounds have learned that metabolism comes into play in a major way in the process of dieting and weight loss. It seems that speeding up the metabolism will help us to burn calories more efficiently, and when calories are burned, weight is lost. So is there a diet to increase metabolism? The truth is that just like there is no magic trick to losing weight, there is also no secret to increasing the metabolism. And while there may not be a diet to increase metabolism specifically, there are methods that you can use while you are dieting to help speed the metabolism and drop that weight.

Start with Exercise

The first step in speeding the metabolism is onto the treadmill. Or the track, or even the sidewalk outside your home. Aerobic exercise will begin the process of increasing the metabolism, and this process can be greatly enhanced by adding strength training to the mix. While most of us don't associate lifting weights with losing weight, the facts are that lean muscle mass will indeed help in increasing the metabolism. So get moving and get lifting, and that metabolism is sure to follow. Aerobic activity should be done at least five times a week for maximum benefit, and strength training can be done two or three times each week. Once you have your exercise plan in place, it is time to consider the type of diet that will increase metabolism as well.

Not What, but When

When it comes to finding a diet to increase metabolism, it's more about when you eat than what you eat. In saying this, rest assured that the advice here is not to eat whatever you please if you are serious about speeding your metabolism and losing weight. Rather, when the choices are healthy foods that are eaten at the proper intervals, you will find the best diet to increase the metabolism. This means making nutritious choices out of all of the basic food groups every day. But instead of limiting yourself to three large meals each day, try four to six smaller meals that are eaten two or three hours apart. Studies have shown that this can be the best diet to increase metabolism, since the body never feels too hungry or too full. The energy is there to burn, and your body is able to burn it all.

For the best diet to increase metabolism, it is wise to focus less on what you eat, and more on how often you eat it. As long as your meal choices revolve around nutritious dishes, you are on the road to a speedier metabolism and a loss of weight.

Planning A Diet Designed To Increase Metabolism

As every dieter knows, weight loss metabolism plateaus can be very defeating when you are trying to lose weight. One of the most important things to do, when combating a weight loss plateau is solve the problem with a healthy long-term solution that will end the plateau and be a solution that can be enhanced as the weight loss continues.

Building Muscle Mass Should Be The Focus Of A Diet Designed To Increase the Metabolism

One of the most important ways to increase metabolism is to increase muscle mass. When planning a diet to increase metabolism, it is always a good idea to focus on protein. Protein is the building block for muscle mass and as such, consuming it sensibly will help to raise the metabolic rate through increased body muscle mass. It is important to watch the daily dietary intake of protein to insure that your ingesting a healthy number that will enhance the building of muscle mass.

Proper Meal Portions Enhance A Diet Designed To Increase The Metabolism

Never ever skip meals when planning a diet designed to increase your metabolism. It is much better to each three basic meals with small snacks placed throughout your day. The idea is to keep the body functioning at the same speed during the day by providing the energy and fuel to keep it operating at an optimum level. Food is the energy source that the body needs to burn calories and function properly. If you choose healthy sensible snacks and small portions during your meal times, your body's metabolism will increase and your overall weight loss will be positively affected, reflecting in a smaller number on the scale.

New Craze, Diet To Increase Metabolism, Provides Cause For Concern

It seems everyone is always looking for a fast weight to loss weight. Unfortunately, most forget that the weight wasn't gained over night and certainly will not be lost that quickly either. Rather than accept the facts that weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet, sensible portion sizes and healthy exercise; everyone is looking for a quick fix, which just isn't out there.

The Recent Metabolism Diet Craze - A Diet Designed To Increase The Metabolism

One of the latest diet crazes to sweep the diet world is the metabolism diet, a 7-day diet that promises to increase the metabolic rate of its participants. The basic format of this diet is to eat specific foods at specific times of the day. It has stringent guidelines on what foods, what additives and what beverages can be consumes at what times of the day. This is not the first fad diet to promise miraculous results within a limited timeframe, it is just alarming that so many people will attempt this diet.

The Metabolism Diet Isn't A Healthy Diet Designed To Increase The Metabolism

The body needs fuel to operate. The metabolism is the rate in which the body burns the fuel. When the body is denied food, it goes into a starvation mode, burning muscle mass for energy rather than the fat stores within the body. The loss of muscle mass will actually decrease the body's metabolic rate, thus resulting in the body actually burning fewer calories overall. Once the dieter goes back to the regular eating pattern, the metabolic rate will actually be lower and the weight loss overall will decrease.

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