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Goji ORAC: How Does it Effect You?

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Author: Zachary Thompson

Goji ORAC is the level of antioxidants that is found in these fruits. They have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants in any food. How does this help you? Why do you need these antioxidants anyway?

Antioxidants as seen in the Goji ORAC chart, are substances that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are produced by the body in small numbers to do important work in the body. However when there are too many they will start to destroy the body's cells and will eventually kill you. The Goji ORAC chart shows that when you consume these fruits you will be getting a large dose of antioxidants. When these substances neutralize the free radicals your cells will be safe and new ones will be able to grow. This will slow down aging and improve your health.

The Goji ORAC chart backs up the research that has been done on this health supplement drink. A double blind placebo test was conducted with 50 participants. Half of them took the Goji juice and the others the placebo. The test was conducted for 30 days. Results showed significant rises in antioxidants, with those who had drunk the genuine product.

Another test also backs up the Goji ORAC chart. It was also conducted with a double blind placebo test. The clinical trial was done over a period of 30 days. This test was to prove that Goji boosts the immune system. When the results were in, the scientists discovered that there was a significant improvement in the immune system of those who had drunk the real product.

All the research proves that the Goji ORAC chart is correct and that you will benefit from the antioxidants in this product. There are many other pollutants that can be destroyed by these antioxidants as seen in the Goji ORAC chart.

History of the Goji Berry

Goji has been used by the ancient Asian healers to promote health and longevity. For hundreds of years, only the locals knew of them. Today, Goji berries are widely consumed.

Goji berries are small red fruit that droop slightly from a perennial bush. Grown in rows in Asia, the Himalayan Mountains and Tibet, Goji berries soak up the blistering sun for nutrients.

After they are harvested at peak ripeness, goji berries are condensed into juice concentrate to capture the most nutrients quickly. If they aren't concentrated within 24-48 hours, they loose most of the nutrients. The concentrate is then shipped to the manufacturer, where it is blended with apple, grape and pear juice and distilled water to make quality goji juice.

Before releasing the goji to the market, it is tested, usually 3 times for purity. Each batch of juice must be tested to ensure that the proportions are correct.

Goji juice is sold globally, although it is most popular in the US and Europe. Many people drink goji juice: from the humble farmer the the Hollywood actress.

The best juice is usually made from berries grown in the Himalayan Mountain region. However, because of the lack of land, berries from the Himalayas are often hard to find.

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