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Golf Active Balance Core Dynamic Exercises

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Dear Valued Life Long Customer Do you play Golf?
Our brand new FLEXI-BAR Golf Programme will help you
look after your back and get a lot more out of your game.

As any regular golfer knows, back pain and restricted
movement are a common problem out on the golf course.
The FLEXI-BAR's unique ability to target and strengthen
the back, means that back pain can become a thing
of the past. A healthy back means a lower handicap.

Because you are a valued customer, for a limited time
we are offering you the opportuntiy to buy our

To receive your exclusive discount simply
place the GOLF PROGRAMME into your shopping
cart and upon check-out enter
the following DISCOUNT CODE: GOLFP

It's our valued customer sale-
*valid through 7/09/09 - 18/09/09





Improve your Golf game and reduce your back pain!


With 18 exercises tailored to improve your golf swing,
your handicap is sure to improve.
Order yours today!
Fantastic value at just £4.99, dont miss out!

Dont forget to enter your code upon checkout: GOLFP

Thank you for being a loyal FLEXI-BAR Member.
We will continue to provide you valuable
savings opportunities so you can get the
most out of your FLEXI-BAR purchase.




 Everyone should have a The Stretch Stick® is the correct tool for obtaining maximum results!


 What is Vibration Training

Vibration Training is the act of passing vibrations of a particular frequency through the body to elicit a series of unique muscular responses. By affecting the deep muscles of the body, particularly those that attach to the spine, Vibration Training has proven to have a very positive effect on muscular injuries, muscular strength, joint mobility, weight loss, injury recovery and injury prevention. The nature of the contractions effects the muscles in a very specific way; working the whole body as 1 unit rather than working specific body parts. This type of wholistic training is a revolution in fitness and will change the way you currently workout.


FLEXI-BAR Mission Statement We believe that the FLEXI-BAR is the most effective tool available for strengthening the core muscles of the body, for aiding injury rehabilitation and fighting the effects of ageing, disease, and today's sedentary lifestyles. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that enable our clients to fully utilise the benefits of training with FLEXI-BAR.



  Learn time proven simple techniques that protect the body from the effects of injury and strain. This natural movement orientated therapy works with the bodies natural agencies to correct and align injuries, sites, postural faults and enhance movement performance.




 This unique FLEXI-BAR Golf programme will: * Prevent Injury * Improve Coordination * Increase Joint Suppleness * Improve Warm-up Training * Increase Muscular Endurance * Target The Deep Back Muscles * Provide 7 Different Workouts View a Sample of the FLEXI-BAR eBook Golf Programmehere: Download Sample




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