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Green Tea Helps You To Lose Weight

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Author: Marcelo

Losing weight with green tea has become popular for some time now. A lot of celebrities have endorsed this weight loss with green tea and this has further led to the green tea way on gaining more popularity. Advertisements nowadays for green tea also now claim that this tea can have an anti aging effect besides its definite help in losing weight.

Do not think of this as a fad

A green tea weight loss program does not mean that you drink only green tea and eat no food. Green tea has properties that increase the metabolic rate of the person drinking it and this is what really helps the weight loss. Get yourself that green tea from the store near you, get your metabolic rate into a higher gear and lose that weight.

Make sure that metabolic rate increase

Green tea produces a reaction in the body that increases the heat in it and helps to burn fat. This heat speeds up the metabolism and increases the rate at which you burn calories, thus reducing weight. There are other foods that can have the same effect on your body. Even a glass of cold water has an effect of increasing the metabolic rate for an hour and a half after you drink it.

Use this property of green tea to help your body to lose weight. Make sure that you have the green tea in addition to your normal and hopefully well balanced diet and you will see the way your health improves, because of the weight loss, and without having to take any other supplements, that are quite expensive.

Green tea as an appetite suppressant

Green tea if taken regularly can act as a diet suppressant. Your blood sugar levels will become stable and make sure that you do not feel hungry all the time. You need to say goodbye to all those snacks that were adding to your weight.

The body normally stores excess carbohydrates as fat in a process that is continuous. Green tea halts this process for a short while. It allows the body to use up more of the carbohydrates as energy, and prevents them from being stored as fat. As a result your energy levels go up. But, how long this effect will lasts is not known but even if it is short term you can get the advantage of it by drinking green tea.

The caffeine effect

Green tea contains caffeine. If you are a caffeine addict, green tea could give you the necessary caffeine fix while avoiding the calories in the sugar and milk that you add to your coffee. Green tea could help you reduce your calorie intake.

Green tea is quite bitter and this may put off a lot of people, but adding a small amount of sugar can make it palatable. Coffee drinkers switching to green tea will notice the immediate effect on weight because they have reduced their calories in the form of sugar and milk. Green tea is also a great boost to you when you are feeling tired and low, and will always help you to avoid snacking, which most people do when they are tired.

Drinking coffee and other beverages like juices gives you a lot of empty calories and if you do succeed in eliminating even a part of this, it can only help you to lose weight and gain health. If you do feel the craving to have something, just sip on that cup of green tea. It is always good to have this to fall back on especially when you are trying to reduce the calories from your diet.

A good way to start with green tea is to have it with every meal, especially if you are used to have something to drink when you eat. Just a cup or two per day will definitely give you the required weight loss. Cold green tea is an alternative that you can consider especially in the summer months, and is a drink that is refreshing and healthy.

You can add green tea to any diet that you are on and it does not need any special effort. Just turn your diet in to a weight loss diet with green tea.

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