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Guys Abs - Your Ultimate Guide

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Author: Kelly Purdenn

Maybe this has happened to you. One fun night of being with the clicker, you were surfing the channels and for some reason you end up watching this infomercial about having the perfect guys abs - ripped, toned, intense and smoking hot. The infomercial will usually start with a chunky man with love handles the size of your couch arm rests. Then he would "claim" to use this amazing and deluxe X product that the infomercial house is promoting, then he says after a month of use, he got the ripped and toned guys abs that he will show you proudly by pulling his shirt up.

So you end up either being so amazed that you pick up your phone in hopes that in about a month's time, that will be you sporting that perfectly sculpted guys abs. The amazing and deluxe X product arrives at your doorstep. You pull it out of its box excitedly. Then, you stare at it for a few seconds. It is so surprisingly small. No wonder they say the camera adds 10 pounds. You try the amazing and deluxe X product and after doing the exercise for one month religiously, you end up losing one inch off your 40 inch waistline. La-di-da.

Are all abdominal related products like this? Will they really leave us, consumers feeling used, abused and robbed of our hard earned dollars?

Well, a certified nutritionist and trainer, Mike Geary, created a program called "The Truth about Six Pack Abs." This program may easily be dismissed as a fad diet plan that may give you immediate results in about a few days, but in the long run, it will be so hard to maintain that you end up leaving the program altogether. Or you can easily dismiss this as a program that teaches all the basic exercises that you and your gym trainer had given you a month back.

Fortunately though, "The Truth about Six Pack Abs" is not any one of the two. Fad diets may work initially but they do not specifically target guys abs. Old, run-off-the-mill exercises that most people do do not effectively target the stimulation of the burn of belly fat.

Then what is "The Truth about Six Pack Abs"? This program has successfully found the way to integrate full-body or total body workouts and muscles specific exercises in one package, giving you the ultimate abdominal fat killer to finally have the ripped guys abs you've always wanted. You will see that with this program, you will be able to increase your metabolism and as well as get that body of yours to start burning the fat, especially the one covering your abs.

Aside from this, the program will also help you get into a better eating habit. It is not a "diet" as people seem to think that diets are these eating rules you follow and then once you lose weight, bam! Back to eating burgers and chugging supersized colas in a heartbeat. What this program does is that it will teach you what to eat and the best part is that you will ENJOY eating right with this plan.

So what are you waiting for, start your way to your perfectly toned abs right now.

Want to turn your belly into abs plastic? Intense crunches, sit-ups, and ab exercises is NOT the answer! Come learn about the TRUTH to getting six pack abs. Get your FREE limited time e-course on how to get flat, firm, and sexy abs using our proven technique at


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