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Head Sweating

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Author: Jeff McDougall

Normally, when you start running or jogging, eating spicy foods or are exposed to direct heat, you begin to sweat. Some people do not sweat as much as others, and this all has to do with the activity levels of your sweat glands. Yet there are some people who claim that the first part of their body that sweats excessively is their forehead, scalp, or neck. If you are one of those who suffer from this condition, know that this is normal, and that many others are experiencing this.

To most of these people, even if they are not hot, or are not exposed to anything hot, even without doing any vigorous activities, they feel their forehead and scalp areas begin to sweat. This might be frightening to experience, and is known medically as hyperhidrosis. You should note that although you may be experience excessive head sweating, this condition does not necessarily mean you have an underlying problem. In most cases, people suffering from hyperhidrosis do not have underlying health problems, and their excessive sweating can be seen as a stand alone symptom. However, there are cases wherein this sweating occurs due to another more major problem that exists with your body's health. The best way to identify and clarify which category you fall under, is to consult your medical professional in person.

A quick visit to your doctor will show if you have it or not; a few simple tests will be done. If you find out that you in fact have this as a stand alone problem, the next step is to attempt to manage and treat the hyperhidrosis itself. If you find you have an underlying medical problem that is causing this excessibve sweating, then you will obviously have to attend to that first.

The most common and easiest to obtain remedy is over-the-counter antiperspirant. This can be a roll on or spray on variety. Some patients are treated with this alone. However, if these are not sufficient, prescription antiperspirants may be given by the doctor. These often contain aluminium chloride hexahydrate. Antiperspirants with aluminium chloride are known to have a much better result then those without.

But with head and facial sweating, you cannot really use anti-perspirants. So what do you do? You will be glad to know there are ways that you can manage head sweating problems without applying anything. One example is your diet! Eating spicy foods, or consuming caffeine, can make you sweat more than normal. Therefore for this reason you should think about what you consume, as this has a domino effect on your health. Cut down on chilli and coffee, and chances are that in a few days you will feel a noticeable difference.

Furthermore, learn to manage your stress levels. The more you stress, the more you sweat. This includes stressing about your sweating. Therefore even when you are sweating heavily, tell yourself to relax, otherwise your stress and anxiety will cause you to sweat more. This can be a vicious cycle if you do not learn to control it!

But perhaps in the end, it is certainly best to ask your doctor about the problem, as well as the solution to it, rather than attempting a self-treatment. Especially if the excessive head sweating is due to another reason unknown to you, which tests should be able to confirm. Your doctor can best decide which treatment is right for you, and they are able to discuss the possible side effects of these treatments. They are the ones who will stay most up to date with medical advancements. Furthermore, don't be afraid to get second opinions!

Whichever treatment you choose, the important thing to note is that hyperhidrosis is a common problem experienced by many people around the world, 1% of the population in fact. There are numerous ways to treat and manage it to a level which does not impact on your everyday life.

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