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Health Benefits of Green Tea Supplements in Combination With Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

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Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

I'm sure that by now everyone has heard about the many exciting health benefits that can green tea supplements can provide, but what is it about this substance that makes it so good for you? The most beneficial characteristic of a green tea supplement has to do with its antioxidant properties. Exactly how good these products are for you though depends primarily on how much of the extract you are actually getting.

There are several things that you want to be sure to look for when buying green tea supplements that will tell you whether or not the product will do anything for you. The first thing that you want to look for is whether or not the product you are looking at lists exactly how much of the extract you are getting, or how many leaves the product contains.

Another thing that should be included on the label of a green tea supplement is the exact amount of catechins, and polyphenols that the extract provides you. The quality of these kinds of products vary widely do to many different factors including the richness of the soil that the tea was grown in, and variations in the growing practices from farm to farm.

Given that all of these variables exist, including natural variances that occur from plant to plant, the products manufacturers must make every effort to ensure the only way for either the purity or the potency of green tea supplements to be determined is through the manufacturers testing the raw ingredients. There should also be testing conducted to ensure against possible contamination of the ingredients.

Let's take a look at what is the best method of delivery to fully take advantage of the health benefits that this substance has to offer. The debate over whether or not it is better to simply take the substance in beverage form, or through a green tea supplement has raged on for a while now, but the answer to the question over which is better seems quite simple if you really look at it.

The fact is that simply taking in either green tea in beverage form, or taking green tea supplements is not enough to keep your body healthy. Focusing strictly on ingesting this single ingredient no matter how good the source will leave your body deficient in other areas. That is why you need to look into a supplement that provides you with not only this ingredient, but many others also.

A high quality multivitamin that includes a complete listing of essential vitamins and minerals including a green tea supplement is what you truly need in order for you to continue to maintain good health. You body will greatly benefit from getting the additional nutrients, and you will still be taking full advantage of the antioxidant power that green tea provides.

You need green tea supplements in order to make sure that your body is running at full efficiency, but you also need much more. Make sure that the source of your nutritional supplementation is well rounded in order to keep your body firing on all cylinders, at all times.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum has spent several years researching anti aging natural supplements and skincare products. As a result of that effort she has found the best natural anti-aging supplement available on the market today. Learn more at her website


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