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FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week

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Author: DennisBartram Video Blog

   What Does Dennis Bartram aged 59 do to stay injury free with ongoing daily self maintenance disciplines. Following Nature's Natural Movement Practices?


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Dennis has been a student of Budo Training and practices for 38 years and is a master in his own right from this in-depth study of these martial art Principles interweaved with running his successful Alternative Wellbeing Therapy Practice,

With this knowledge and wisdom Just what does he do to Keep Himself Happy on a daily basis to be able to maintain his Agility to be Flexible to work play and own a better self wellbeing criteria,

Here at DennisBartram.com he offers his ancient school workshops VIDEOS that show Nature's Natural Movement Wisdom Knowledge Memed from 3ooo year's of written secret scrolls.

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Then you will be able to benefit from his latest set of Videos that Dennis will be adding to his youtube channel to share with you UNDERSTAND, GOOD, PLAY!  from his in-depth study of this wisdom Nature's Natural Movement Wellbeing Practices?

By using a FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week, you can often expect immediate changes in core strength, rapid improvements in weak or injured muscles, Because FLEXI-BAR® utilises vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core (muscles that attach to the spine) you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST! 

Effective Portable Whole-Body Vibration Testimonials 


Fitness with Flexi-Bar

Health Good vibration
by Peta Bee

Our correspondent shakes it all about in an attempt to get in shape in half the time that it would normally take

Within Seconds of trying a vibrational fitness class, one thing becomes obvious: certain parts of the human body take more kindly than others to being jiggled about. But this seems a small price to pay for the promise of a flat stomach and leaner limbs in a fraction of the time spent at the gym.


I have just been introduced to the Flexi-Bar, a piece of equipment invented by German physiotherapists as a therapeutic tool, but last week launched in the UK as part of a new fitness programme.

The equipment looks like a plastic garden cane with rubber pieces attached to the middle and each end. To operate, you shake it forcibly a couple of times until momentum takes over. It then continues vibrating with minimal movement of the arms needed - the key is keeping the abdominal muscles contracted. Relax these and the bar stops.


Against this vibration you perform various exercises, such as squat-thrusts and lunges. The shock waves of the vibration through your body force it to work harder.


As Dean Hodgkin, the fitness director at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro in Leicestershire (where the classes were launched), explains: "The shaking action of the bar destabilises the body, particularly the spine. To keep it vibrating, you need to recruit the muscles that run the length of the spine. Do this often enough and you target the deep, stabilising postural muscles, increasing their strength and promoting blood flow. Regular use will improve overall posture and lead to longer-looking limbs.

"You are not waving your arms up and down to shake the Flexi-Bar; all of the shaking movement is controlled by contracting the abdominal muscles. You have to keep working all over."


He admits that it takes a while to grasp the vibrational technique. "Most people who've tried it can't get the thing to move when they hold the Flexi-Bar in their less dominant hand," he says.


It is, as he says, harder to operate than it looks, and exhausting. In my class, even the warm-up of vibrating squats, twists and marching left my muscles quivering. Get down to the real work of sit-ups with a shaking bar held above your head and you begin to realise that power yoga was an easy option. To feel blobby parts of your anatomy wobbling of their own accord is not a pleasant sensation, but at least it's a reminder of the work that needs to be done. "We are keeping classes to 30 minutes for the time being because people are finding it tough," Hodgkin says. No kidding.


The Flexi-Bar is not the only item of fitness equipment that uses the principles of vibration to get you into shape. Many gyms, including David Lloyd clubs, the Third Space and the Harbour Club, have already invested in the Power Plate, a machine that claims to reduce workout time by 80 per cent by vigorously vibrating the body. The Power Plate vibrates without your help, 4,000 times a minute.


You perform simple exercises such as squats and leg-raises on the small platform of the Power Plate while it vibrates. "It works by transferring the energy from the vibrations to your body, which then triggers rapid muscle contractions," says Kevin Barclay-Webb, the celebrity personal trainer. "The upshot is that you work harder all over. In 12 minutes you can effectively work as hard as you can in an hour of an ordinary workout."


Russian scientists discovered the benefits of this kind of training in the 1970s when looking for a way for their astronauts to exercise in space, where the weightless atmosphere is linked to osteoporosis.

Trials carried out since then on equipment such as the Power Plate have shown that it can help to increase muscle strength more quickly than conventional weight training.


"Because tendons and connective tissue are also manipulated when you use it, flexibility improves," Barclay-Webb says. "And it's kinder to joints than pumping weights." Specialists treating people with spinal injuries at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in Middlesex have seen initially promising results in strengthening the muscles among patients using the Power Plate a few times a week.


Despite its price tag of almost £5,000, the Power Plate has already caught the imagination of celebrities and sporty types: Les Ferdinand, Gaby and Kenny Logan and Jonathan Ross all have a Power Plate at home, and Glasgow Celtic and the Dutch football club Ajax use the machines regularly. But for the rest of us, the much cheaper Flexi-Bar (which retails at £85) will be the equipment filling the space previously occupied by Swiss Balls and yoga mats.


Fickle we may be, but the likelihood is that before the summer's out we'll all be vibrating. But remember to strap up your wobbly bits before you start.


Energy Balance in the Body is a Key to Better Health.


 FLEXI-BAR Mission Statement

We believe that the FLEXI-BAR is the most effective tool available for strengthening the core muscles of the body, for aiding injury rehabilitation and fighting the effects of ageing, disease, and today's sedentary lifestyles.


Our mission is to provide quality products and services that enable our clients to fully utilise the benefits of training with FLEXI-BAR.


With origins in German physiotherapy, FLEXI-BAR is the most cost effective method for adding the benefits of vibration training to your workouts & injury rehabilitation.


These deep muscles are generally known as involuntary muscles -- they only begin to work in response to an outside force ( in this case the vibrations from FLEXI-BAR ).


Dennis Bartram Demonstrates the Flexi-Bar

  Many back problems, such as slipped disc, sciatica, lumbar pain, neck pain, rounded shoulders, & frozen shoulder, are the result of, or result in, weaknesses in the deep muscles of the back and abdominals.


With as little as 30-45 minutes FLEXI-BAR exercise per week, you can often expect immediate changes in core strength, rapid improvements in weak or injured.

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