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Author: ezinearticles By Amy Nutt

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How to Choose the Right Physical Therapy Table

By Amy Nutt

The main objectives of physical therapy are to promote body strength, function and mobility and prevent future physical injury. This is achieved through the physical therapy itself as well as through teaching patients safe exercising and movement techniques to avoid potential injury and protect joints. There are many types that include orthopedic, geriatric, rehabilitation, pediatric, pulmonary, cardiac and neurological.

One of the general needs of include tables. The types of tables needed in a physical therapy office are usually much different than the standard exam tables often found in other physicians' offices. There are many types of therapy tables designed for many varied purposes depending on the needs of your particular clientèle. You may find it beneficial to have general all-purpose tables within the office. However, often there are particular needs that are not met with standard tables, and you will need much more specialized tables for your particular patients.

Take special note of the main focus of your office to assess the your patients' needs. This will greatly aid in the decision of the tables needed for your office, and help you make the appropriate decision. For example, is the therapy mainly performed in your office in need of stationary tables or would adjustable tables be more beneficial? Do your physical therapists travel or perform home heath visits? If so, you may need to invest in special portable tables.

Often you may have many patients with mobility issues, especially if working with orthopedic, geriatric or intense rehabilitation patients. If this is the case, you'll do best to look into the wide variety of tables designed for those with these particular medical issues that accommodate wheelchairs and other common mobility devices. Depending on the types of therapy performed within your practice, you may need flat tables, positioning tables, mat tables, tilt top tables, inversion tables or specialized hydraulic tables.

Once you've determined your patients needs depending on your main clientèle and are highly familiar with the types of therapy performed within your office, it will become quite evident the best types of tables to suit your needs. Often you may find that you need many different types of tables within the same office to handle the wide variety of physical therapy performed in your facility. This is quite common in less specialized practices that perform many different functions to the many different types of patients they may see in their office.

If you are looking to purchase [http://www.source1medical.com/s.nl/sc.2/.f]physical therapy tables, be sure to spend plenty of time becoming fully informed of the types of therapy being performed at your facility. This is especially important if you are not a physical therapist yourself. You'll want to spend plenty of time consulting with and observing the professionals within your facility to get a well-rounded idea of their daily needs to best treat the patients on a daily basis. You can also contact other similar offices for their input. The more time you spend evaluating your patients needs and the treatments used for their types of therapy, the more beneficial your table choices will be both financially and medically.

Shop for all your [http://www.source1medical.com/s.nl/sc.2/.f]physical therapy products and [http://www.source1medical.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.4/.f]Electrotherapy, Laser, and Ultrasound Equipment at Source1medical.com.

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