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How a Good Bacterium Helps to Say Bye-Bye to Bad Bacteria

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Author: Brent McNutt

Welcome to our world of bacteria! Though we cannot see them, bacteria exist in our everyday lives. When we think about bacteria, most of us think about those bacteria that can create damaging effects to our body, such as tooth decay. For instance, we oftentimes use the term "germs" to refer to bacteria that cause diseases. However, bacteria can also have constructive purposes in our lives. Here are some facts about probiotics, a "good bacteria:

1. Probiotics are the "good bacteria"

Have you heard of probiotics, the "good bacteria"? These critters have become one of the newest health crazes. You can find this type of bacteria in various foods, such as yogurts and kefirs. Kefirs are a type of fermented milk drink that includes a combination of yeasts and bacteria. You can also find probiotics in dietary supplements, if you are allergic to milk.

But exactly what is a probiotic? It is any variety of substances that include organisms, which are live. Also, when you ingest these organisms, the effects on the body are positive, by changing the protective microflora in your intestines. Experts have predicted that strains of probiotics can actually replace the bad bacteria in one's internal organs. They are experimenting to learn which strains, and how much of them, could benefit humans.

2. Some yogurt contains probiotics

Recently, a major yogurt company launched a new yogurt that featured a certain type probiotic. How effective were the probiotics? They indeed were beneficial. The probiotics helped food to flow through the body in about 20% less time! This reduces the negative effects of our bodies processing food more slowly.

3. Probiotics can treat various problems with digestion

Experts have discovered that probiotics can have a positive effect on people with various types of digestive problems, such as allergies. However, they are uncertain yet about whether their benefits are short-term or long-term. The conditions may return once a person halts their intake of probiotics.

4. The FDA does not approve of probiotics in pill forms

That is simply because the FDA classifies probiotics as dietary supplements. Another issue is that this form may not be effective, because of their small amount of active ingredients. That is due to various factors, such as oxygen, moisture, and heat.

5. Probiotics do not totally eliminate "bad" bacteria

We must remain vigilant in battling "bad" bacteria in the world. At least 80,000 of annual hospital deaths result from infections that patients obtained in the hospital itself. MRSA is the most common infectious bacteria found in hospitals. Fortunately, we can take several steps to reduce their transference, including the sterilization of medical tools and the wearing of cheap urbane scrubs. Scrubs are not only hygienic, but are also comfortable and easy to maintain.

When we think of bacteria, we oftentimes focus on their negative effects. While beneficial bacteria exist, we must stay vigilant in our war against harmful bacteria, such as MRSA. Fortunately, we can battle back, by taking various actions such as the wearing of scrubs. Say bye-bye to the bad bacteria!

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