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How I Did Lose Weight For My Wedding Easily - Simple Eating Tips

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Author: Sudu Sudai

I had promised myself to lose weight for wedding - and that time got closer and closer every day.

I would like to advice anyone who is struggling to lose weight for wedding, to implement these simple tips in their daily routines in order to achieve quick wedding weight loss:

1) Drink more water and green tea. This sounds simple, but it really helps to lose weight for wedding. Water, at least 8 glasses, should be spread during the day. And you can switch a couple of glasses to a couple of cups of green tea - or drink green tea as an addition. Drinking more will add a great bonus to your weight loss program! You will feel not so angry - so you will eat less food and your calorie intake will be smaller.

2) Eliminate junk foods from your menu. You can do this! Everybody loves bad foods, but if you feel bad about cutting them down, promise yourself to avoid them just until your wedding. This is not as hard as it seems, and maybe even after your wedding you will get used to a healthier food and will not even want to look at junk food!

3) Cut down sugar and salt. Try to drink unsweetened coffee and tea, cut down salt as much as possible. It seems that salt has nothing to do with losing weight for wedding, but it really has! Salt pollutes the body and leaves toxins which are truly hard to flush out and which may stop you to lose weight for wedding.

These steps are so simple it might be hard to believe they help - but they really do! If you feel really bad following them - just try to do this on those last weeks before the wedding - and you will be glad with the results!

This is what I also did and that helped a lot:

Manage my nerves

Preparing for the wedding might be a hard time. Every time I got nervous, I used to eat. And this is not a bad thing - the bad thing is I used to eat bad food. This was anything like ice cream, chocolate, junk food or cake that I could grab. I used to eat spontaneously, and never assumed this had such a huge negative impact on my weight. This is about chewing actually not about being hungry! As soon as I realised this, I switched to a few apples, oranges or a banana, maybe even some pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, as soon as I felt I needed something to calm down. This was the first step I took to lose weight for my wedding.

Stop lazy eating!

Lazy eating is the second worst thing. I started to prepare my own meals - did not buy already prepared. This kept me away from chips, fast food, cookies and all the bad things on the way. Not being lazy to buy prepared food helped me a lot on my way to lose weight for my wedding - and this actually changed my daily habits, so it is easier now to maintain my current weight.

Add something 100% healthy

To lose weight for wedding, I did change one of my daily meals to something very healthy. Just one time per day, I had a plate of fresh fruits, a yogurt with berries, or a fish and vegetable salad - anything that was 100% healthy and natural. I was amazed at what an effect it had on my weight loss journey!

Enjoy my meals

This one is so simple! Eating with pleasure made me eat slower, and this resulted in eating less food! I found myself getting full much quicker and eating less than I typically did!

I have lost over 20 pounds in 6 weeks - and I am sure everybody can achieve the same great results. You can read my story and what helped: Make sure you get the FREE weight loss report at


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