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How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?

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Author: Jill Hudson

It is a simple fact that in order to lose weight you almost have to burn some calories through exercise. Sure you can just modify your diet and eat less calories than you a normally using up in the day but the real way the strip that fat is to add in some form of exercise or activity that will take off the calories (and consequently the fat) even faster. But how many calories are you really burning with your chosen activity? You might be surprised to find out that it might not be as much as you think.

A lot of people like to make jokes on TV and some people even really think it to be true that sex burns a lot of calories. In fact the average session only burns a small number of calories. In fact for the average person you are only burning 120 calories per hour. Now I do not know about you but 1 straight hour of vigorous effort is a pretty good night for me. Ok maybe more like a fantasy but it just goes to show that what they tell you on TV is not always true. Heck even if you did go crazy for that one hour you are not even burning off one full can of beer!

Another common myth in when it comes to how many calories you are burning during an activity is that walking a mile burns the same amount of calories as running a mile. When you think about it this sounds like it could be true on the surface. You are moving the same distance with the same amount of weight right? So it must be the same right? Wrong. You have to factor in the extra intensity involved in running. You are moving with a much greater intensity when jogging and this causes your heart rate to go a lot higher and your total body to work harder overall. This in turn burns a grater number of calories.

One thing is true though when it comes to burning calories and that is the fact that we are constantly using them up. We are burning some amount of calories no matter what we are doing so you can definitely use that to your advantage. The old adage of take the stairs instead of the elevator is true and you can get a good calorie burn boost just by adjusting your routine to include some stairs. Other little activities like parking farther away from the door at work so you walk a little extra when coming in can really add up to some big numbers. I have read one study that showed a lot of these little activities added up could compound to equal anywhere from 300 to 400 calories burned throughout a single day. That is a good amount of exercise just by adjusting your routine. Think about that the next time you say you do not have time to work out. Just add in these little calorie burners and before you know it you will be well on your way to your ultimate goals and no one will have a clue how it comes so easy for you.

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