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How Mineral Makeup Differs From Traditional Cosmetics

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Author: Marilyn M Etzel

What is the big deal about mineral makeup? It seems, these days, every company has their own version of mineral make up for sale. Read this article to find out the difference between traditional cosmetics and mineral makeup.

We know that everyone wants to sell their products. Unfortunately, our purchases come with big boasts that they rarely make good on. After spending lots of money we still aren't satisfied with our look or the effects it has on our skin.

The Skinny on Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is nothing new and has been around for many years. Only recently, have women decided to give it a serious try. With the move towards a greener society, women are looking for a simpler, more natural makeup. As a result, they are turning to mineral makeup to do the job and it appears to be doing the job very well.

Mineral makeup gives the skin a healthy glow. That is a result of the bismuth oxychloride in the mineral makeup. This substance is the color of pearl but is not natural. If you are allergic or sensitive to bismuth oxychloride, all mineral makeup doesn't contain it. The main minerals included in mineral makeup are: mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides for color. Just look for the ingredients you need and you'll find the right combination for your skin.

Traditional Makeup

Makeup is not just lipstick as you know. There are colors for the eyes, cheeks, and the entire face. There are liner pencils for the eyes and the lips. Foundation in liquid or pressed powder form covers imperfections on the face and neck. Extra substances are added for product shelf life.

The heaviness of makeup can clog our pores. Wearing makeup to bed is a no-no as clogged pores and lead to skin problems. Applying more and more makeup only makes the problem worse.

Traditional makeup may go on smooth, but it comes off in streaks in hot weather. When we sweat, foundation begins to run and other colors fade and have to be reapplied. All that makeup can begin to feel heavy and the visual isn't too pretty either.

The Comparison

Mineral makeup has several benefits that differ from traditional makeup. Mineral formulations are:

Usable on all skin types, but you may need to find the right formulation for you
Natural looking and it feels natural too
Hypoallergenic (without bismuth oxychloride)

Traditional makeup with a wide variety of ingredients has been around a long time. It can:

Clog pores
Look unnatural on some skin types
Feel heavy
Irritate your skin from the chemical ingredients

Makeup can make us look beautiful, but all cosmetics are not the same. Make sure you get all the facts before you make a purchase. Read the ingredient list on the label and know what you're putting on your face. Mineral makeup uses all natural substances to enhance your look without hurting your skin.

Need more information about mineral make up? Marilyn Etzel's Beauty Talk answers all of your questions about mineral makeup at http://www.beauty-talk.com/category/makeup/mineral-makeup


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