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How To Fight Aging

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Author: Jasper Ravensberg

It is a fact that we are all living longer and, what's more, we are going to live longer still. According to the opinions of some eminent scientific bodies we shall very soon all be living to 100 years or more, which is wonderful, so long as we are healthy and can enjoy our lives to the full.

Normal ageing is a natural process. From the moment we are born, the cells which make up the organs, glands and all the other parts of our system are constantly dying and being replaced by new ones. Whilst we are growing and developing, the rate of our cellular reproduction is much greater than the rate of our cells dying.

Which means that we are producing more vigorous cells at this time to allow for this growing. It is estimated that the middle age normally starts somewhere around the age of 25, and the body begins its long wind down, which than continues through old age. The human body is all to often regarded as a collection of separate independent systems. This is why there are so many separate specialities in medicine.

We have Endocrinology dealing with the glands; Urology dealing with the bladder. Nephrology dealing with the kidneys, Gynaecology dealing with the reproductive system, Rheumatology dealing with rheumatoid diseases, Cardiology dealing with the heart and circulation - the list goes on and on.

In fact each of the individual systems within the body relies heavily upon each of the others. The body cannot survive without any one of the systems which confirms this fact. Therefore, in order for the overall health of the body to be good, all of the individual systems such as the circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal system, digestive system, endocrine system and immune system should all be balanced and should coordinate with each other.

This coordination depends not only on external things like good nutrition, exercise and freedom from stress, it also depends a great deal on the actual internal structure and health of each of the cells of each of the individual systems. From the moment we are born the cells within our bodies are dying and being replaced by new ones.

The quality of the cells replacement depends on the quality of the cells they are replacing. In other words the dying cell is the blueprint of the new cell. Biological ageing starts when the quality of the cells throughout the body begin to deteriorate. When we are young the cells that die are replaced by new energetic ones.

This cellular replacement continues throughout our lifetime. However when the quality of the new cells being replaced declines, as happens through premature ageing or disease, then so does the quality of our whole life. At the end of the day we are only as strong or as healthy as each of our individual cells.

The Problem With Traditional Medicine

Have you ever been 'dismissed' by your doctor with a 'pull yourself together talk' when he could not diagnose any sick-related cause? Where you leaving the practise with a nasty feeling because you had the idea you where fretful? But still suffering vague health complaints?

If you are living a busy and stressful life and reaching your 40's or 50's, changes are you might experience health problems such as a diminished energy, vitality and interest to life. Or you have no interest in either physical or mental contact with other people and all too often the first function to suffer is your sexual interest and ability.

Unfortunately, today, the above scenario happens more and more. It is an undeniable fact that we are all living longer today and it would be unreasonable not to accept that in some respects our quality of life has been improved through orthodox medicine.

For example: heart bypass operations are now commonplace and many thousands of patients have been given a new lease of life as a result of this procedure. Blocked blood vessels around the heart are replaced with new ones taken from other parts of the body.

Many lifesaving drugs have been developed by the pharmaceutical industry, from the early days of antibiotics to the discovery and administration of Insulin for diabetic patients to highlight two. The list of these drugs goes on to include heart medication, pain killers and many others.

The question and the problem is, however, that the researchers and inventors of these drugs did not ever formulated them for permanent use. It is so often the problem of over-prescribing drugs where dangers of side effects and addiction are most noticeable. Most drugs are designed to deal with the symptoms of a particular illness or disease.

But there are times when we are not really ill, and where there is no life threatening disease diagnosed. There is only a constant feeling of tiredness. It is during these times when it is impossible to recharge the batteries through natural sleep that we wake up still feeling tired in the morning.

There is a huge doubt that the researchers and inventors of many of these drugs ever formulated them for permanent use. It is so often the problem of over-prescribing of drugs where dangers of side effects and addiction are most noticeable.

The majority of people have no desire to become dependent on some form of chemical medication to get them through their daily lives. They don't want to be addicted, as so many people are, to tranquillisers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, painkillers and blood pressure pills. All of these are know to have undesirable side effects, and none of them really solve the problem. Their primary action is simply to cover up the symptoms.

It is a fact that each new orthodox medical discovery seems to carry with it side effects. So many wonder drugs, initially regarded as major breakthroughs, are exposed later as having these undesirable side effects.

These include Valium, Ativan, Betablockers, Cortisone and now Halcion, which are a few examples of the kinds of medicines that have made the public, and to some lesser extent the medical profession itself, look for more natural, less toxic, harmful, and addictive methods of administering treatment to needy patients.

This awareness of the side effects is evident as the more well-known complementary or alternative techniques become fashionable and more desirable. These include homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and list goes on.

Anti-aging and health secret of the 'Rich and Famous' little by little gets discovered by the public.

Doctor Peter M. Stephan from the Stephan Clinic in London has been practising biological medicine for more than twenty-five years. He received his initial training in Cell Therapy following the work and theories of the late Professor Paul Niehans who developed Cell Therapy in1931. His treatment involved the injection of new embryonic cells taken from sheep.

At the time the orthodox medical profession described his ideas as "quakery" and they say it would never work. They described it as potentially dangerous and yet the following people found their way to the clinics in Switserland and London. Britain's Prime Minister: Sir Winston Churchill, President Charles de Gaulle of France, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer from Germany, The Emperor and Empress of Japan, President Dwight D. Eisenhower of The United States of America, and many more.

All these people were active in very old age and impressed the world with their vigour and vitality. They all had the best medical advice and yet they sought an alternative.

In his book "Total Wellness" Doctor Peter M. Stephan points out how you can achieve good health and longevity with his latest development called "Bio-Nutritional Therapy". This involves a range of natural Bio-Foods that utilises the principles of the third generation of Cell Therapy and his 25 years of experience in the field of rejuvenation.

If you want to discover more about his Bio-Nutritional Therapy and learn how you can stay younger longer, you can download his book for free at our website.

Jasper Ravensberg is an alternative health practitioner and co-author of the book Total Wellness, at his website you can download this book for free to learn more about Bio-Nutritional Therapy. A safe and natural method to help you stay younger longer. See: http://www.foodsasmedicine.org to download


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