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How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks - Lose Fat From Your Thighs, Belly and Hips Now

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Author: Elena M. Pavlina

Weight gain disproportionately is the most depressing thing that anybody could face. It becomes so darn difficult to have a normal social life with that extra weight over burdening you. The catch is how do you get back that slim body you have had before or one that you've always craved for?

Of course, it definitely cannot be achieved overnight or by crash dieting. Even if someone said so, don't take them seriously, they must be either kidding or contemplating to rip you off your money from the fear you are experiencing. The elementary step to actually lose weight is to have commitment and determination; so make up your mind and kick-start your weight loss regime. (More here http://www.totalbodycleansediets.com/)

The most common areas that are susceptible to gain extra fat are your belly, thighs and hips. General contributing factors could be your lifestyle, eating habits, metabolism and your health. Now, before you actually even think of losing those extra kilos you need to stop making excuses of having low metabolic rate, as you are getting old! This is one myth, and if you are 30 years of age the metabolic rate decreases only by 2-3% every decade. Yes in a decade that's the rate of decrease.

The other very popular excuse is that you were born fat! You must be kidding, aren't you? Genetic factors definitely determine obesity but will you ever find a person who is overweight after starving for days? I bet you will find none. The most important factor is your attitude and that is surely under your control.

It is hard to imagine when people say they do not find time to go on a diet. You need to put some serious thought into this; how long does it actually take to have a healthy meal and to gobble your favorite junk food? You know the truth for sure!

Chuck all the excuses and follow five simple ways to lose 10 pounds in a couple weeks! Lets see how:

1. Just put an end to all those taste bud cravings; throw away all the junk food and empty your refrigerator and clean up all the sweets in your pantry. Out of sight is out of mind. And you need to personally adhere to giving up on junk stuff; that requires a strong mind. So here comes your first step to help you shed a few calories for sure.

2. A good healthy breakfast will keep you going for the entire day. Add some fruits to your breakfast that will provide the required fibre for your body.

3. Improve your metabolism by eating small meals at regular intervals instead of having a full course lunch and dinner. This will enable the body to digest the food consumed regularly and boosts the metabolism.

4. A sound sleep of eight hours will do a whole lot good. Studies reveal that disturbed or less sleep will increase your hunger pangs. So sleep well!

5. Hit the gym and use some weight to build that muscle, it requires a minimum of 15 minutes for at least two times a week only! The body can burn 50 calories for every single pound of the muscle. So what are you waiting for? Start treading towards your gym and shed those extra pounds now.

Another solution is clean your colon to flush out all the waste from your stomach. Click here to get a bottle of Free Total Cleanse http://www.totalbodycleansediets.com and TriSlim http://www.trislimreview.com


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