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How To Lose Weight Tips That Are Easy To Follow

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Author: Magrietha Du Plessis

Any "how to lose weight tips" needs to be fun and easy if they are going to be of any practical use to you. The reason why you are looking for "how to lose weight tips" probably are because you have tried so many diets already and are still battling to get rid of those extra pounds permanently.

The funny thing is, the best "how to lose weight tip" is; eat a healthy calorie controlled diet and do moderate exercise. If you do this, your weight loss will be slower, but healthy and permanent.

Now you may well ask what is a healthy calorie controlled diet and what kind of moderate exercise will work? Let us have a look at each in turn.

Healthy calorie controlled diet:

A healthy calorie controlled diet consists of all the food groups in the right proportions, prepared in a healthy low fat way. It is not a good idea to eat only certain kinds of food. This will only lead to malnutrition and food cravings.

So what should you eat?

*Eat at least five small portions of carbohydrates and starchy vegetables a day

*Eat at least three small portions of low fat proteins a day

*Eat three kinds of vegetables that are a little higher in calories such as beetroot, pumpkin, carrots etc.

*Eat at least three portions of relatively low calorie vegetables such as lettuce, string beans, cucumber, tomatoes, baby morrows, sweet peppers etc.

*Eat at least two portions of low fat dairy a day

*Eat at least three small portions of fruit a day

*Eat two teaspoons of fat a day such as olive oil, butter and soft margarine. Use it for spreading as well as the preparations of your food.

*Drink lots of water and try and cut out coffee as far as possible. There are studies that seen to show that coffee can be good for weight loss, but huge amounts of coffee is never good for your health.

*Cut out all soft drinks and alcohol as far as possible. On special occasions try and keep it to the minimum.

These tips are for healthy, not too active, women. If you do a lot of exercise you need to increase your carbohydrates and protein a little. Men also need to eat a little more as they need more calories a day for their normal bodily functions. They need more protein because their body has more muscle than that of a woman.

Healthy exercise:

Any activity that increases your heart rate can be considered exercise. Even doing chores! Walking is a favorite of many as you can do it whenever you have the time. Make sure that you increase your heat rate for at least half an hour three days a week. Do not overdo it if you are very unfit as it may harm you.

Lastly, never start a weight loss plan before you have had a thorough physical checkup and have received the thumbs up from a medical practitioner. This is especially true if you have any underlying illnesses and conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Follow these "How To Lose Weight Tips" and you will lose weight the healthy way and feel fit and full of energy again.

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