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How To Lose Weight After Baby - 5 Simple Tips To Lose Baby Weight

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Author: Sudu Sudai

Losing weight after having a baby is not an easy task. Taking care of a newborn and of yourself might be really hard. But to lose weight after delivery, you do not need that much. Just the right healthy nutrition, some more movement, and the right attitude.

Here are five easy tips to implement in your daily life, to lose weight after baby:

1) Any women who has gained excess weight during pregnancy knows that just wanting to get in shape will not be enough. You will need to do something about it in order to lose weight after baby. And the very first thing you can do is move more! This is a very easy thing to do for mothers of active babies. They usually do not let you sleep all day, requiring so much attention. But if you are not one of these lucky mothers, you can still easily apply this rule. Walk with your baby more, play with her more, just be more active. House work also keeps you busy: doing laundry, ironing, meals and some other stuff will make you move your body as well.

2) Get a weight loss buddy! You are not alone, wanting to lose weight after baby! There are so many women around having the same goal! Get united! losing weight when you are not alone is so much easier!

3) Drink more water. This rule is good for anyone, not only new mothers. But it is extremely great if you are aiming to lose weight after baby. Water cleans the body and maintains your high metabolism. It is good for your baby also! You have to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. The colder, the better - makes you burn even more calories. Water keeps the metabolism high as well. The higher the metabolism, the more fat the body is able to burn. So just make sure you drink a lot - the rule is "the more you drink, the more you shrink".

4) If you are breastfeeding, you need some extra calories and might need more meals a day as well. But you do not have to eat for two, if you need to lose weight after a baby. It is recommended to have additional 500 calories a day for breastfeeding mothers. If you find yourself eating a lot more than this additionally to your usual daily calorie intake, be sure to get it close to 500. However, some new mothers notice that they need a lot higher calorie intake than just a few hundred of calories a day. And in reality, it is often easier form mothers to lose weight while they are breastfeeding. Some even notice weight gain when they wean their babies.

5) If you are not losing weight with the right amount of calories, try to switch to some other food. Junk food, sodas and cakes are not good for you, as well as for your little one. More fish, fresh meat salad, cottage cheese, yogurt and cereal will do the work. Be sure not to have too many tomatoes as your baby might not like the taste.

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