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How to Stop Panic Attacks - Avoid These Items Like the Plague and Then Learn the Cure

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Author: Christina L. Laslow

Let's face it, when it comes to finding out how to stop panic attack there are a lot of useless treatments and solutions out there.

And that is not only sad, it is dangerous because continually suffering with panic attacks can lead to anxiety disorder (the constant fear of having another anxiety attack). And when this happens all life decisions are ruled by the fear of suffering yet another attack.

Needless to say, this can damage your lifestyle, friendships, love-life and even threaten job performance.

This results of panic attacks are that the sufferer will often withdraw from normal everyday activities, such as:

* Planning holidays or travel.
* Leaving your home, or being alone.
* Making appointments or socializing with people, for fear that you might have to excuse yourself half way through.
* Giving a speech or presentation, for fear of having a panic attack.

Common Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

If you are unsure whether you, or someone you love is suffering with a panic attack, then here are some common symptoms that you should look for:

* A Racing Heart
* Chest Pain
* Palpitations
* Difficulty breathing
* Headaches
* Sweats
* Bowel Troubles
* Nausea
* General Fatigue
* Dizziness
* Insomnia
* Butterflies in the Stomach
* Difficulty Swallowing
* Constant Fear Of Impending Doom
* Depression
* Agoraphobia
* Sudden Panic
* Irritability
* Social Nervousness
* Feelings Like You Are Going Crazy Or Losing Control
* Feeling Alone And Out Of Place
* Believing That There Is No Hope Of Normality
* Social Phobia
* Disturbing Dreams And Thoughts

This is not a complete list but any combination of the symptoms mentioned there should very well point to panic attack as the cause. If you are suffering with these symptoms you should take action to get your attacks under control before they increase in frequency.

Immediate Action You Can Take To Help Panic Attacks

Many people have found it helpful to learn what can exacerbate anxiety and lead to panic attacks. Simple items such as food can amplify anxiety, or make a panic attack much more probable.

Foods like:

1 Processed Foods (lunch meats, chips, packaged snacks)
2 Caffeine (in coffee, tea, chocolate)
3 Energy Drinks (Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar etc.)
4 Sugar (in the form of sucrose, glucose, corn syrup)

The Truth About Alcohol And Panic Attacks

Though having a stiff drink may seem like an obvious way to "calm the nerves," you need to understand that alcohol dehydrates the body and this causes the body to feel tired and fatigued. It also reduces blood sugar levels and causes vitamin depletion as well.

Even though you may feel relaxed, after it wears off, anxiety may actually get worse.


Cure Panic Attacks By Learning How A Panic Attack Is Constructed... And Destroy Them.

One solution that is showing great promise is the deconstruction methodology. Sometimes called the "one move" method, a cure is found by learning how panic attacks are constructed. With this understanding you are then able to essentially "de-construct" panic attacks before they happen. This tearing apart of the attack essentially renders it permanently useless.

Check out more panic attack resources here> http://ezinearticles.com/?Panic-Attack-Stop---The-Simple-Steps-That-Can-Stop-Panic-Attacks-Fast-and-5-Crucial-Black-List-Items&id=1946611


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