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How to Turn Your Daily Walk Into a Tummy Toning, Stomach Flattening, Anti-Aging Fitness Program

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Author: Mike Allred

The Benefits of Power Walking

Power walking. If there's one exercise activity that I know is loaded with health and anti-aging benefits, it's power walking. And over the years I've turned my routine daily walk into an enjoyable vigorous daily fitness program.

My walks definitely aren't your usual leisurely stroll around the block. My walks are downright demanding, designed to work up a sweat, exercise all my muscles, and raise my heart rate. And I absolutely love it.

At this time, I am happy to say my walking and exercise routine has kept me in good physical condition for over twenty years. For a guy my age (I'll never see 60 again) my tummy's flat and toned, my arms, chest, and shoulders are firm and toned, and I can see my toes when I look down. All thanks to my vigorous daily walking and exercise routine.

Of course, power walking isn't my only physical activity. But it's the physical activity I love most, just ahead of hiking and geocaching.

My Daily Power Walking Routine

Okay, here's my daily walking and exercise routine that helps keep me in pretty good physical condition for a guy over 60. Maybe you can get a few ideas from my routine that you can work into your daily walking routine.

Every day I walk four miles over a measured route. I deliberately push myself while walking, to the point I'm breathing vigorously. Again, this isn't a stroll. I'm not out for a leisurely walk around the block with my dog, occasionally stopping to chat with my neighbors.

My walks are designed to push myself physically to get my heart rate up. I'm out for a workout, not just a "walk." My goal is to stay healthy and in shape. It won't happen with me sitting on my duff in front of the TV munching on chips and having a beer.

Park Benches and Picnic Tables: My Outdoor Fitness Equipment
My daily walking routine takes me through a new five-mile long county recreation park. Along the park route are the usual park benches, picnic tables, and occasional covered gazebos.

These park benches and picnic tables are perfect for developing a flat toned stomach and toning the upper body. There are eight benches along the length of my walk. On my walk I stop at four of the benches. I face the bench, lean forward placing my hands on the back of bench, and do 15 pushups - slowly. Four benches, 15 pushups each, 60 pushups every day on my walk.

The key here is to place your hands in different positions on each park bench. On one bench my hands will be close together while doing the pushups. On another bench my hands are further apart. Spacing your hands this way makes these simple pushups a great exercise for increasing upper body toning by working your shoulders, upper arms, and chest.

And here's how I use the picnic tables. There are three picnic tables on my walking route. They're perfect for toning your abs, flattening your stomach, and working your upper leg muscles. What do I do? I sit on the top of each picnic table, tuck my legs and feet under the picnic table bench, and slowly do 15 sit ups keeping my back straight. Three tables, 15 slow sit-ups each, makes 45 sit-ups on my walk.

An Hour A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

My daily walk and exercise routine takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Believe me, with this routine I don't need a gym membership. Been there. Done that. Working out in a gym is simply too boring for me.

This is my daily routine. It's an ingrained daily habit I've been doing for over twenty years. It works for me. It keeps me in shape. It's my magic anti-aging elixir. If you're healthy enough, and your doctor approves, you could easily develop a similar daily walking and exercise routine.

A daily walk doesn't have to be boring. Just keep your eyes open and look for handy ready-made workout equipment along the way. You can feel great, look better, be sexier, and you'll probably even be smarter, just from taking a daily walk.

You'll never get in shape just thinking about power walking. Just do it! For more information on a great anti-aging program visit:


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