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Author: K. Purden

Shape up! Your partner may have been telling you that your belly fat is growing everyday. What used to be your abdominal muscles became a lump of fats. It happens because you have been staying in front of the television or computer for so long that you tend to forget about living a healthy and active lifestyle. Life that way sucks! You need not be a couch potato all your life!

Of course, you would want to look good for her; and it is definitely embarrassing for her to tell you that you are getting fat, however nicely she tells you that bitter fact. But that is merely a love piece of advice to keep you from your feet again. So in the next few days, you made a plan - live healthy and work out your abdominal muscles.

The first thing you did is make a healthy meal plan everyday. You get rid of sweet foods inside your fridge. You replace them with fresh vegetables. You come up with dishes high in protein and carbohydrates. You put in a lot of water and fruit juices. You look into healthy recipes and follow them as much as you can.

Then the next action is to work on your abdominal muscles. Crunch here, crunch there. You do sit-ups in 20s, 30, and 50s. You are doing it everyday, and like sweating it out to death. At the end of the day, instead of feeling good about yourself, you feel too tired to do other things. You feel stressed out with all the workouts you engage in.

You have this routine for two weeks but seem like nothing has changed that much. You are losing your focus now. You feel cheated. So what could have been wrong with the whole regimen?

Let me begin by telling you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking initiatives to look good and make yourself feel good. The motivation is there, and that is a good start off. But while those healthy eating habits and exercises on abdominal muscles may work for somebody else, it does not mean it could work for the rest of the breed. That is a wrong notion. What you do not know can probably hurt you.

While motivation, determination, and a positive mind can truly help in the whole process of losing belly fat and toning your abs, you are missing out something here. You see those celebrities and other star players who show off their firm abs with a magazine pose? They have a secret. This secret program is the key that you do not have in your dream to succeed and have perfect abs. They refer to it as the secret program to keep your life and muscles in shape. Once you have the program at hand, nothing can ever be wasted, neither time nor effort.

You may have all the will power in the world to stay fit but if you do not have the program that can lead you properly on how to shape up your abdominal muscles, then you remain dead or badly broken.

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