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How you have treated your body for the past 5 decades.

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Author: Dennis Bartram

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As we slip into our fifties maybe you might start thinking about your agility or lack of it! … you may come to realize your not doing very well in the flexibility department you soon come to realize wear & tear on your fifty year old frame especially in those knees suddenly aches and pains will not go away as easily as they used to, especially if you jog or even if you don’t jog running for a bus or to get out of the way of some flying missile can be a wake up call to how your body has coped with your life style from how you have treated your body for the past 5 decades.


So if you are attempting jogging for a quick recoup of part of your miss-spent youth maybe walking would be the safest way forwards for you so not to damage your knees any further because with out a doubt its possible ... I'm 58 and have had stiff knees for some time now and have now discovered a great way to keep these my knees and the rest of my torso in tip top youthful condition here's my routine follow me if you want to be as agile as you were before your wear-out ... take it easy at first you have to develop into your own body type allowable routine  

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First thing in the morning I take a 1/2hour walk (1 of 4 through out the day) with my dog that's every day? and if I can I like to walk the first walk as early as possible preferable when the suns just coming up this really sorts the old toy-box of my minds-set out believe me its best time of the day  ... then once back to base I spend the next 10 minutes with my Flex-Bar 5 minutes exercise with each hand see this great agility aid here: 


Next I step on my power plate (see power plate here also in above link ) ... wow this sure has to be the best shake up call ever 5 minutes is all that’s needed but I usually do extra I stand, sit, crouch, lay my shoulders, my back, any body part possible on the power plate its so invigorating its almost addictive once you get the hang of it


Next I sit in my massage chair for the next 5 to 10 minutes getting a good back massage up and down the spine is also very addictive first thing in the morning ... so as you can see with the help of my dog, my flexi-bar, my power plate, my chair massage.. I can’t really complain about my agility but guess what? … its not all I need to do to keep my flexibility level to were I know it should be one more action is very much needed that sorts every movement routine above into perspective and its something done by every person in the East and forgotten by every person in the West and it does not cost any money this only needs a discipline and a small amount of your time 5 or 6 times a day or as many as you want to fit in its simply to crouch down as in a squat! and walk forwards as many steps as you can myself I do about 10 to 12 steps from one foot to the other as low to the ground as possible


Then last but not least I get on all fours and crawl around the floor then crawl up and down my staircase believe me once you get this agility habit you will feel as fit as a fiddle just like you were at eighteen years of age  as I spell check this post I realize this fitness routine must seem like a long hard boring set of disciplines but believe me once you get this habit of a routine that fits into your time frame its really nothing of an input in time and effort to what you receive as an agility flexibility movement ability outcome is the wellbeing overall benefit,




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