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I Thought You Said Drinking Water Won't Cause Me to Lose Weight?

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Author: Jim Robertson

Water is the essence of life itself. We use it for virtually every aspect of our bodily functions, which means we need to restore it when our supply gets low. If we are engaged in a weight management program that includes regular exercise, the need for regular water replacement - this is called hydration at the gym - is even more important. Because if you exercise, you will most likely perspire, the most drastic means of water depletion possible short of vomiting and diarrhea. This is why those who work out need even more water than a less active person in order to keep joints and muscles supple and to transport nutrients through the body. If this is you, you need water not only throughout the day, but also before and during your workout.

Here's a quick tip for anyone seeking to lose weight, and especially those who want to do so through an elevation of their metabolic rate. This little strategy delivers a big payoff with very little effort: drink two glasses of cold water every day on an empty stomach. This will require your body to expend up to 100 calories to warm that water to body temperature, which is the only way it can process it. If the water is consumed with food, the ambient temperature of the food itself will assist in this process, which means it will lessen the calorie expenditure. An empty stomach is better. And 100 calories every day, over time, can make a significant difference in your metabolic rate.

Some people drink water with the belief that doing so will cause them to actually lose weight of and by itself. The problem with this is semantics - it won't cause that to happen at all, but it will help facilitate the process of losing weight by helping to create a healthy bio-chemical environment within the body, which is required for optimal weight loss. Drinking plenty of water assists with digestion and the absorption of nutrients, which is essential to losing weight. Water is required to maintain the proper alkaline and acidic levels within the body, which is also required for the body to effectively process calories and burn stored fat for energy in a calorie-deprived environment. Water is necessary for our organs to function normally. Without sufficient water, the systems of the body are thrown out of synch, and if the deficiency is extreme, the body begins to shut down.

Weight loss itself places the body into an unnatural state by causing it to perceive a need for more energy than is present in the blood through incoming food, in turn causing it to turn to stored fat reserves to supply that energy. None of this happens the way it is supposed to in a body that is deprived of water. And because it is a bio-chemical activity, you need an optimized environment for it to occur.

It isn't the water that causes the loss of weight, it's the healthy weight-loss environment within the body that makes it a tool for weight management. The need for water is exacerbated by strenuous exercise, which is part of a metabolism-boosting regimen. And in the game of metabolism management, we need to apply every tool in the book to the task.

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