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Instant Toned Abs

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Author: Kelly Purdenn

Ever wondered how your favorite Hollywood stars or how those models who are featured in magazines or sashay down the catwalk maintain their great physical shape? If you are hooked on celebrity news tidbits, you may have read about how Jennifer Garner got all toned up as lead star of the action/adventure series Alias, how Tobey Maguire worked out for his Spiderman role, how Renee Zellweger regained her svelte figure after Bridget Jones Diary, how Jennifer Lopez achieved her washboard abs, or maybe how Heidi Klum and other supermodels maintain a sexy well-defined midsection? Individuals who dream of acquiring toned abs often find much encouragement not just from celebrity trainers who sometimes share workout challenges taken on by the rich and famous, but also from product manufacturers offering innovations touted as capable of creating a firmer, flatter midsection in a span of a few weeks or two to three months.

The question that arises is, is it really possible to get instant toned abs? While there are countless fitness gurus now (including online workout programs) offering ab workouts designed to create for people the six pack abs they are longing to flaunt, sculpting a strong, flat and attractive-looking stomach cannot happen with the snap of a finger. What individuals can do is to revisit their workout plan (especially if those ab exercises they have long been doing have not been that effective), discard age-old techniques like crash dieting, and rethink some impulsive decisions, like buying expensive gizmos or pills for instant toned abs they think they can get.

In reality, both stars and ordinary mortals will attest to the hard work, time and energy they put into every workout. The fast and easy way often bruited about by sellers of products, services and programs to create a great set of abs cannot come about by magic. It may be easier to achieve for those with a relatively lower percentage of body fat, but working one's way to great-looking abs requires keen focus and personal empowerment. It also entails discipline and follow-through in undertaking exercises geared towards increasing metabolism while stimulating fat-burning hormones, and opting for good nutrition strategies.

While people cannot change how their bodies deposit fat, or mistakenly think they can easily spot reduce, what they can focus on, instead is their diet and exercise program to keep weight in check. Nicely toned abs, the kind some people think Hollywood stars easily obtain through special workouts in a hurry, may remain just a figment of your imagination if you think you can get lower body improvement or total body makeover without moving or doing anything. On the other hand, even if you are on the hefty, misshapen side, there is always hope to have a better body and with it, improved overall wellness.

Key to getting into good shape, especially if "instant" toned abs is your overarching goal, is to invest some time and other resources in a proven ab workout program you must carefully comply with. Check out the credentials of the persons behind the workout program if you must. If they are certified trainers and not just pseudo fitness "gurus" then all the better. A six pack, as many bona fide fitness consultants will point out, can be unveiled by first adopting the right frame of mind, coupled with proper diet and excellent forms of exercise, like cardio kickboxing, which burns excess calories and works out the entire abdominal region.

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