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Iron Gym Review

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Author: Rick Peterson

Iron Gym

I love exercising and I have been looking for looking for a bar that can help me in my pull ups. Most pull up bars cause problems in the door frames which is why I did not buy any pull up bars for a long time. However, when I saw the infomercial on the Iron Gym, I knew it was what I exactly needed.

Working out has been a part of my life from the very beginning. Weight benches, dumb bells and other gym equipments were a part of my home furniture till the time I got into this new job. Then the work pressure became so much that I simply gave up on exercising. As a result I developed a paunch and there was flab all over my body. I soon realized that I needed to get back to exercising if I wanted to have a good body and eventually a good life. Since there was a dearth of space in my new apartment, I could not get all my gym equipment. So all I did was to fix the Iron Gym Bar to my bedroom door! And I can tell you I am glad I did!

Iron Gym is one of the best things to happen to me! I am not exaggerating! The pull ups on this bar are worth every penny you spend on it. The pull ups help tone your chest, arms and back, in a single shot. Moreover, I have realized that doing abs crunches on a pull up bar is far more effective than doing them on the floor. They are more intense on the pull up bar so you achieve the same result in a lesser time and with lesser number of reps.

The Iron gym comes with Abs work out straps which cost an additional $7. These workout straps can help you get stronger. Though I don't use them since I am already a seasoned player in this field, I recommend that newbies buy these straps since they can support you in the initial days. Whether you buy the straps or not, let me tell you that the Iron Gym is worth it! Just doing it for some time now and I already feel the difference in my abs! When I work out, I actually can make out my abs muscles working out. Obliques are also a lot of fun on this bar since all you need to do is twist and lift your legs.

Iron Gym is a great tool for your work outs. However, some people feel that the design of Iron Gym does not look very safe. I can vouch for the safety since I am 200 lbs and nothing has happened to me or my Iron Gym as yet.

So, if you want to build a body that's lean and toned, Iron Gym should be able to help you in your quest. I have invested in Iron Gym and it's helped my body to get fit and healthy!

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