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Is the South Beach Diet Safe? Many People Ask This Question Daily!

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Author: Kel. Purden

The South Beach diet has become one of the most popular dietary plans for people who desire to lose weight. It came out in good timing since cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes have affected already millions of people in and outside of the country becoming top-notchers in the list. On the other hand, South Beach was not the only choice available. There are many other options but what makes South Beach diet different is that it is safe, systematic, dieter-friendly, and long-term.

Why is South Beach Diet safe?

Many people are still hesitant to commit to such dietary plans as South each thinking it may compromise their health despite the superficial effect. Is South Beach diet safe, really? To find out, here is something to think about.

South Beach Diet comes in three phases. Phase I involves a two-week carbohydrates restriction. This means that the dieter should avoid intake of carb-rich foods such as pasta, rice, fruits, potatoes, bread, carrots, corn, and cereal. However, lean beef, poultry, cheese, nuts, vegetables, and seafood are still permitted. This will allow the dieter to lose up to 18 pounds in two weeks. The intention is, aside from bad carbohydrates and bad fats restriction is to get the body used to them.

In Phase II, these foods must still be put off the daily meal although some of it are slowly re-introduced but with minimal consumption. At least 2 pounds will continue to be shed while the body learns to adjust gradually to this way of eating.

In Phase III, which is the final but long-term or maintenance dietary plan, the person should be fully adjusted to the South Beach way of eating, thus achieving the desired weight, fitness, and already enjoying proper health status. Mostly, large servings of vegetables and fruits (up to three servings per day) are highly recommended plus whole grains. At this stage, the body is used to taking foods high in fiber but low in bad fats and bad carbohydrates.

This dietary system fine-tunes the body and eliminates unhealthy fats and carbohydrates that cause insulin malfunction and cardiovascular diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. For all we know, eating inconsiderably leads to many other diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. Being able to have the ideal amount of minerals in the body makes South Beach diet safe.

The South Beach diet was founded by cardiologist Arthur Agatston in connection with his patients who experience heart problems. This highlights the burning up of good fats and good carbohydrates. With this being related, the South Beach diet's main goal is to diminish if not to eliminate, the possibilities of developing heart diseases.

Despite a number of people attesting to the good effects of South Beach diet, some remain hesitant to try and the reason can be due to lack of details. Knowing that it consists of foods known to play major parts in other healthy diet plans that work, people will be convinced that South Beach diet is safe with guarantees to good health for life.

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