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Author: John McNett

I have spent the last several months studying the area of vitamin deficieces and I have also looked into the difference between liquid or pill form as far as a vitamin. I don't know about you but I want to take the type of vitamin supplement that will be the best fo me. I now realize through studying that my body is like a giant sponge in that it soaks up everything that we put into our body. I also realize that a liquid vitamin will soak into my body quicker than the pill vitamin. Have you ever wondered if that pill is fully dissolving into your body? I know I have and that is why I choose to take a liquid vitamin. In fact, since becoming concerned about this subject I hear about more and more people taking liquid vitamin supplement. We put so many things into our body on a daily basis that is destructive to our bodies. So as an alternative, we need to fill our bodies with the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that our body is so thirsty fo on a daily basis.

I asked my doctor the other day what was more effective as far as vitamins was concerned. He told me that a liquid vitamin would absorb into my body quicker and essentially be more effective than the pill. I then came across Vemma which is possibly the most powerful liquid vitamin available. With just 2 oz. a day I get exactly what I need to rejuvinate and enrich my body every day.

Since taking Vemma, I have found myself with more energy than I have had in a long time. I have also found myself with better health today than what my health was 6 months ago when I first started on this journey. I have tried other multi-vitamins in the pill form. I have never tried anything that gives me the results that Vemma does. In fact, the Men's Journal did a study and voted Vemma as the #1 Superjuice available. I decided that it was worth finding what would be the best for my health. I want to show you everything that you will get out of Vemma.

Vitamin Amount (per 2 oz)
A 2,949 IU
C 306 Mg
D 1,026 IU
E 60.8 IU
B1 1.48 Mg
B2 2.04 Mg
B3 23.9 Mg
B6 8.34 Mg
Folate 858 mcg
Biotin 342 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 9.67 mg

So what is stopping you from making the decision to just soak up something that is good for your body. Sure we find the means to put things in our body that is not good for our bodies. I am asking you to allow your body to be able to soak up something that will actually help you. We make sure we keep up on the oil changes, fluid checks, and the maintenance of our vehicles. We would actualy classify this as preventative maintenance. We don't wait for the engine to stop working and find out that the engine needed oil. No we keep up with these things to make sure our car keeps running. Why is it that we are not this concerned about our bodies. It is about time that you did some preventative maintenance on your body and started to invest in your future health. The best thing you could do for your health today is to take a multi-vitamin on a daily basis. The best option of'course is to let your body soak up a liquid vitamin. Vemma may be the most powerful liquid vitamin available. I want you to have all the information you need so I want you to go to www.thebestdecision4yourhealthtoday.com for a free report on 5 Health Conditions Associated To Vitamin Deficiences. You can also contact me at www.john.vemmacoach@gmail.com

For all the information you need on The Vemma Nutritional Program go to my website at http://www.healthnutty.com


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