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Losing Weight by Dieting to Increase Metabolism

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Author: Jim Robertson

People who struggle with excess weight are always looking for a better way to lose weight. It is very frustrating to diet and a simple cure for obesity is sure to find immense popularity among those who struggle each day with the problem. The answer for losing weight is actually quite simple although not necessarily easy. The key to weight loss lies in dieting to increase metabolism. People who diet to increase metabolism will quickly find success and will be able to watch the pounds fall off.

Eight Times Eight Water

The idea behind dieting to increase metabolism is that the body will burn not only the food consumed but will but excess fat that has been previously stored on the body. In order to increase metabolism the individual will have to begin to practice a few basic principles. First of all, in all metabolic reactions water is critically important. If a person does not drink enough fluids the body can not effectively burn fat. Individuals should make sure that they drink six to eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily in their diet to increase metabolism.

Fighting Starvation

Another principle in the diet to increase metabolism is that the body can not ever be threatened with insufficient food. Over history humans have faced famine and starvation several times. People who are alive today can look at it as being the survivors of horrible events in history. Because of this survival mechanism, if the human body is threatened with a deficit of food it will quickly revert to reducing the metabolism and will store fat for the perceived famine. It may seem contradictory, but the human body must have adequate caloric intake for the person to successfully diet to increase metabolism.

Burning Fat

One of the most important principles behind the diet to increase metabolism is that the person must exercise. Exercise will make the body burn more calories from both the daily intake of food and from stored fat. The more a person exercises the more fat that will be burned. People who are serious about dieting to increase metabolism must find some kind of exercise that they can do daily and consistently. The exercise can be working out at a gym, swimming in a pool, walking around the neighborhood or cleaning the house. The most important part of the exercise is that it gets the person moving and the heart beating increasing oxygen intake and muscle movement thereby burning fat.

How to Start a Diet to Increase Metabolism

Most people don't realize you have to eat to loose weight. A diet to increase metabolism forces you to eat just the right amount of food, at the right times, to boost your natural fat burning engine into high gear.

What You Need to Know

First, when starting a diet to increase metabolism you need to learn what foods are best to raise your metabolism. This may take some research to find ones that will work for you, but some of the best foods have quality high protein, like eggs, peanut butter, nuts, and fish. Next, you need to plan out your meals. Most dietitians say that when on a diet to increase metabolism you need to eat five small meals a day; one in the morning, as soon as you get up, one in the mid-morning, one at lunch time, one in the mid-afternoon, and one at dinnertime. This will get you on your way to a diet to increase metabolism.

The Risks Associated With Dieting To Increase Metabolism

It has become quite popular with dieters to attempt a diet to increase metabolism in their efforts at weight loss. The basic idea behind this idea is correct. Increasing metabolism can help a person burn more calories and stored fat thereby helping the person to lose those unwanted pounds. But, there are some risks associated with dieting to increase metabolism that all dieters should be aware of to help prevent complications and injury to the human body.

Burning The Wrong Stuff

It is very important that anyone dieting to increase metabolism realizes that they can burn healthy tissue as well as fat with an increased metabolism. When the body needs energy it will burn fat, muscle and other tissue in an effort to maintain basic body functioning. In order to prevent burning muscle and other important body tissues the dieter will need to make sure that they have adequate and balanced intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats. A person who is serious about dieting to increase metabolism should be sure to consult a dietician or their physician for the best diet recommendations.

Other Risks

There are other risks associated with dieting to increase metabolism that a person should be aware of. A person with a weight problem should find out why they have the weight problem. Sometimes there is another health problem that is making the person overweight. Increasing metabolism may cause more health problems and may even seriously injure a person. Before starting any diet a person should consult their doctor to make sure they do not have an underlying issue for their weight problem.

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