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Make it Easy For Yourself to Quit Smoking - Hypnosis Taps the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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Author: Cherie Cann

Do you really want to make it easy for yourself to quit smoking? Hypnosis can tap into the power of your subconscious mind to cure your cravings. In order to help you quit smoking, hypnosis helps you turn negative habits into positive, healthy behaviors. So just how does it work?

Think about how you automatically drive a car. If you have been driving for any number of years, we've practiced every small action that goes into driving a car thousands of times. In fact, you've practiced them so many times that they have become automatic.

That's why sometimes, when you're preoccupied with something else, you can arrive at your destination and not remember driving there. You drove on autopilot, because you've done it so many times that your subconscious was able to take over for you.

You've created your habit of autopilot smoking the same way you've created your pattern of autopilot driving. You've smoked so many times, in so many situations, that most of the time you reach for your cigarettes and lighter without even thinking about it. You have actually trained your subconscious mind to make you smoke on autopilot. Your subconscious is performing the actions that it has been trained to do. But the actions are killing you.

The good news is, you weren't born with a cigarette in your mouth. As a child, and maybe even as a young adult, you spent several years of your life as a non-smoker. That means your subconscious mind has a solid memory of "not smoking". That's really good news.

Even though you smoke on autopilot right now, you also know how to "not smoke". You have direct experience being a non-smoker. So you don't really have to learn a new behavior. You just have to unlearn a more recent (and deadly) behavior. And that's what hypnosis can help you do.

Hypnosis can help your subconscious mind connect with your earlier experiences of "not smoking". And it can help you practice being a non-smoker... over and over again. A good quit smoking hypnosis program helps you reconnect with the automatic part of your brain that knows how to "not smoke".

Yes, it sounds kind of strange at first. But if you think about it for a moment, it makes a lot of sense. Connecting with that part of your brain that knows how to "not smoke" is especially powerful if you really want to stop smoking. Your strong desire to quit will act like fuel to ignite your motivation.

Many people have success the first time they use a quit smoking hypnosis program. But a lot of people have to try a second, third, or fourth time (or more) before they quit smoking for good. If you're one of the people that has try to stop more than once, don't be hard on yourself. Everyone's situation is different.

Some people are lucky enough to start their quit smoking program during a calm time in their lives. Other people, even with the best intentions and motivation, quit smoking right before an unexpected life changing event happens. They get laid off, or their daughter announces she's getting married. Even good things can be stressful.

A wedding or a new baby on the way can be wonderful news, but they still create stress. And stress is the number one trigger for most people to start smoking. That's why self hypnosis has such a great long term track record with ex-smokers. Self-hypnosis is based on learning relaxation techniques. And if you practice them often enough, they turn into healthy new automatic habits that you can use for the rest of your life.

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