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Mineral Makeup For Your Teen Daughter: Keep it Natural & Her Skin Healthy

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Author: Marilyn M Etzel

It is a rite of passage for a daughter to play in her mother's makeup when she's young. If you have your own teenage daughter you may have already experienced this. When she is ready for her own makeup, consider helping her find a natural product. It's not only good for her skin, it gives her a more natural look than the typical department store cosmetics.

Acne usually shows up during the teens. Pimples can hurt and scar the face. For girls, pimples and acne can be a source of taunts and low self-esteem. If you're daughter suffers with acne, you already know the devastating effects it can have and it's heartbreaking to watch.

To combat acne, some girls think that using makeup will cover up their facial problems. The problem is, traditional drugstore makeup can clog pores and cause more problems for your daughter. If her skin is extremely sensitive, just the filler and dyes can give healthy looking skin problems it didn't have before.

When the time comes for makeup, make an informed decision. Consider mineral makeup as a way to keep her skin healthy and bring out her natural beauty. You can even go with her when she tries mineral makeup for the first time - make it fun. It's a perfect time to bond with you teen and to show you're on her side.

Mineral Cosmetic Benefits for Your Daughter

Teenage skin goes through many phases. When puberty hits, the hormones can do a number on her body and her face. Some teens may be more prone to acne and skin irritation than others. If your daughter falls into this category, she will want to find a way to minimize the look of acne on her face.

Mineral makeup was designed to reduce the appearance of makeup on your face. It looks like you aren't wearing anything at all. To achieve this, the minerals meld with your skin for a flawless look with no tell-tale lines to show where you natural tone ends and the makeup begins. And, it only needs to be applied once for maximum effect.

Part of the reason for the seamless look is through the application and brush strokes. A minimal amount of mineral powder is applied to the face using a Kabuki brush. It doesn't take long since the powder color matches the natural tone of the face. Your daughter will love how it looks and feels. You will love how little time she has to spend in the bathroom "putting on her face."

With mineral makeup, your daughter will:

- Spend less time in the morning getting ready (great news for parent of high-maintenance daughters!)
- Have less chance of encountering skin problems due to makeup use
- Let her natural beauty show for everyone to see

Who would want to wear anything else on their face with benefits like that? Just imagine the improved skin and boosted self-esteem - something we all want for our daughters as they grow into confident and beautiful young women.

Need more information about mineral make up? Marilyn Etzel's Beauty Talk answers all of your questions about mineral make up at http://www.beauty-talk.com/category/makeup/mineral-makeup


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